Guide to Camping During a Tornado

Guide to Camping During a Tornado

Camping in WaKeeney, Kansas, is exciting — from things to do to the weather. As you're exploring all the sights, it's also crucial to understand the weather the area experiences and what to do during a tornado. WaKeeney is in Tornado Alley, making the possibility of the city getting a tornado highly likely from mid-March to mid-June.

Learn how to prepare for camping in severe weather and what to do when a tornado happens while camping in WaKeeney.

Signs of a Tornado

To prepare for a tornado, you need to know what to look for and observe your surroundings. Common signs of an impending tornado include:

  • Greenish or dark green color sky.
  • A lull in the wind.
  • Debris flying around.
  • A loud roar, sounding like a train.
  • A rotation visible in the clouds during a thunderstorm.
  • A funnel-shaped cloud forming toward the ground.

Tornadoes can develop rapidly, so knowing the signs will help you take precautions.

How Much an RV and Tent Can Withstand

If camping in an RV, cabin, tent or car, you should have plans for if a tornado touches down. At most, tents can endure up to 30 mph, while RVs can withstand up to 75 mph before experiencing issues. Cabins and cars also don't provide suitable protection from tornadoes and the debris flying around. 

What to Do If a Storm Is Approaching

Here are some precautions you can when a severe storm or tornado is on the way. 

Keep an Emergency Pack Within Reach

Be ready to evacuate your campsite by leaving a bag or backpack full of supplies near the door so you can grab it on your way out. Pack supplies like:

  • Blankets
  • Portable, battery-powered radio
  • Phone charging cords
  • Portable power bank
  • Water bottles
  • Snacks
  • Flashlights

You could also take pillows or your sleep bag as added protection from possible debris.

Seek Shelter

You must seek shelter if there is a tornado warning or watch. If you are staying at a campground, check with the hosts to see if and where they have a tornado shelter. If there is no designated tornado shelter, ask about the best building for sheltering in place. Go to the lowest level and away from windows if possible to wait for the storm and tornado to pass.

If you're outside and have nowhere to go, choose a low-lying area, such as a ditch, and lie down while protecting your head and neck.

Protect Your Things

To ensure most of your things stay intact during a storm or tornado, you can follow measures to protect them. 

When RV camping, where should you park your RV during a storm? Find an enclosed facility or go next to a concrete building. Avoid parking near trees or other objects that could fall on your RV.

Protect your campsite by putting away objects like chairs or tables that could be carried by the wind. While camping in a cabin or an RV, ensure the windows are closed and latched shut. Also, pull your RV's slides in to prevent the wind from catching and flipping your RV.

Camp Safely at WaKeeney KOA Journey

When you want to camp in WaKeeney, Kansas, come to WaKeeney KOA Journey. We have everything to keep you safe during a storm or tornado watch. Start planning your camping trip by booking your campsite with us today!

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