Wildlife You May See on Our Nature Trail

Wildlife You May See on Our Nature Trail

Wildlife You May See on Our Nature Trail

Sussex, New Brunswick, is a wildlife hotspot. The region is brimming with various birds, mammals and fauna surrounding the Kennebecasis River. Sussex KOA Journey offers travelers the matchless opportunity to stay and explore our exclusive nature trail. Meander along the trail and make your way to the river, possibly encountering various animals and birds and bask in everything that makes the area exceptional. Here is some information about what wildlife you may see on our nature trail.

Kennebecasis River Species

The Sussex KOA nature trail is 3 kilometers (1.8 miles) long, threading through to the Kennebecasis River — a tributary of the Saint John River in the southern reaches of New Brunswick, Canada. The Kennebecasis River runs almost 95 kilometers (59 miles) and is rich in wildlife, bird and fish species.

There is plentiful Kennebecasis River wildlife you may encounter on the trail.

1. Bird Species

The wetlands are often home to a variety of ducks, geese, ospreys, herons, songbirds, rails and bitterns. Over 50 bird species have been recorded in the area's marshes and surrounds, making the trail and Sussex region a birder's paradise.

Depending on the time of year, birds regularly seen in the New Brunswick area include:

  • Canada goose
  • Double-crested cormorant
  • Common grackle
  • Common murre
  • Razorbill
  • Bohemian waxwing
  • Red-winged blackbird
  • Great black-backed gull
  • Broad-winged hawk
  • Bald Eagle

2. Animal Species

While you meander along the nature trail past marshes, trees and lush grasses, you may spot a range of wildlife. Muskrats are regular residents of the marshes. You can potentially see them scurrying around their mounds all along the wetlands.

Other mammals in the wetlands and surrounding area include deer, beavers, otters, foxes, raccoons, moose, mice, voles, hares and bats.

Besides the animals, the region has many deer species, the most prominent being the White Tail Deer.

3. Fish Species

You may not witness fish jumping out of the waters if you make your way along the trail, but the New Brunswick area attracts hundreds of anglers each year. Fish varieties that anglers target include:

  • Chain pickerel
  • Yellow perch
  • Sturgeon
  • Smallmouth bass

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Sussex KOA Journey is the perfect location to explore nature and possibly see the animals near the Kennebecasis River. The campground has the best amenities and opportunities to enjoy picturesque surroundings.

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