Top 5 Lighthouses in New Brunswick

Top 5 Lighthouses in New Brunswick

Lighthouses formed an essential part of early life in New Brunswick, guiding sailors safely to port. Today, many lighthouses still stand, some guiding boats through the changing tides and rugged landscapes in the Bay of Fundy and the rivers surrounding it. They now serve as historical landmarks and essential parts of the gorgeous local scenery. 

Sussex KOA Journey offers the ideal location for exploring many nearby lighthouses in New Brunswick. Here are a few top destinations to visit. 

1. Quaco Head Lighthouse

The first Quaco Head Lighthouse began operation in 1883, though the present structure was built in 1966 and continues lighting the area today. The structure sits on a peninsula offering a stunning view of the Bay of Fundy, perfect for relaxing and enjoying nature. Find this lighthouse about 60 kilometers from the campground. There are also hiking trails around the lighthouse for further exploration. 

2. Renforth Lighthouse

This structure was built in the 1980s and sits along the Kennebeccasis River, approximately 40 minutes from Sussex. It has a unique octagonal shape with a red top. Around the structure, you can relax on the pier or let your kids play on the playground. Many visitors enjoy swimming during the summer or ice fishing in winter.  

3. Oak Point Lighthouse

Along the Saint John River, find this white square building with tapered sides about 130 kilometers from the campground. The area offers beautiful river views and a wonderful place to picnic or fish. The current building was constructed in 1902 to help sailors navigate treacherous currents along the river. 

4. Robertson Point Lighthouse

Travel 50 minutes from Sussex to find the Robertson Point Lighthouse along Grand Lake in Jemseg. The current lighthouse is a cylindrical tower with a red light on top. At the lighthouse site, see a beautiful view of the lake. The small town is also home to several attractions like museums, conservation areas and parks. 

5. Lower Musquash Island Lighthouse

This structure is about 70 kilometers from the campground on the Saint John River and was built in 1972. It is no longer in operation, but it still stands on Lower Musquash Island. The square, angled tower with a red base and light was originally used to guide boats into Washademoak Lake. See the building by boat or get a distant view from Hendry Farm Lighthouse on the other side of the lake.

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Lighthouses hold history and have stunning waterside views, making them exciting places to visit during your Sussex vacation. Reserve a site at Sussex KOA Journey to see the lighthouses nearby. 

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