How to get a Good Night's Sleep in a Tent

How to get a Good Night's Sleep in a Tent

Let’s face it, getting a good night’s sleep when you’re camping can be about as easy as sleeping peacefully through the night with an infant. 

Luckily, we've got some tips and tricks to help you drift off the sleep beneath the stars. 

Start with a Good Sleeping Bag

Staying warm is key to a peaceful night’s rest and your sleeping bag is key to staying warm. 

When buying a sleeping bag, look for one that is rated for the right temperature. If you plan to camp in colder weather opt for a sleeping bag rated for 30 degrees. If you'll only be roughing it in warmer weather then a sleeping bag rated for 40 degrees should do. 

And it never hurts to bring extra blankets to layer underneath and over yourself. 

Pro tip: Long-lasting hand-warmers at the bottom of your sleeping bag will keep your toes toasty!

Invest in a Cushion

Getting yourself up off the hard ground is sure to make sleeping easier. One great option is an air matress. Go for a single even if your camping as a couple, so everyone can keep their tossing and turning to themselves. 

Self-inflating foam pads, featuring spongy foam inside a waterproof nylon shell that stays well-insulated are also an option. As are air pads and foam pads that can be used on rough, cold surfaces. 

For some added warmth, place a blanket or sleeping bag between you and your chosen padding. 

Pack the Extras

There are lots of little measures you can take to make sleeping outdoors easier, like blocking out noise and light. We advise packing earplugs and eyeshades.

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