Camp Kitchen

2022 Menu Options include Hunts Brothers Pizza & Wings Items, Fried food favorites like chicken tenders, cheese sticks, fries, onion rings, mini corn dogs and fried pickles too. We will offer breakfast items on the weekends for young & old too!


Breakfast is offered on Saturday's and Sunday's as well as holidays.

Battered French Fries


Nachos and Cheese

You can make this sloppy Nachos and Cheese for $4

Fresh Cut French Fries


Battered Onion Rings


Pickled Chips


Cheese Sticks

You are served 4 cheese sticks per order.

jumbo soft pretzel


mini corn dogs (7 each)


Chicken Fingers (EACH)


Beef Hot Dog

Beef hot dog served with your choice of toppings and condiments on a toasted bun


All you can eat waffles with your choice of Sausage or bacon

Breakfast Pizza

8 pieces of Hunt Brother's Breakfast pizza. It has egg, sausage, and bacon on it

Sausage Gravy and Biscuits

Served with 3 biscuit pieces covered in savory sausage gravy

Fountain Coke Products

Coke, Diet Coke, Cherry Coke, Cherry Fayo, Sprite, Root Beer

Gatorade and Juice


Canned soda and Bottled Water


Kerrig Coffee