General Campground Information


Perry KOA sells propane!  Our price is usually the best in town and our easy in and out makes this a breeze for those with onboard tanks.  Be sure to stop at the office first, someone will ask which side your fill is on and direct you the best way so our hose will reach.  No navigating busy parking lots or making multiple trips in and out of the store.  Naturally, we also fill regular DOT tanks, and fork lift tanks.

Office Hours

Current office/store hours are Sunday 9 am to 5 pm, Monday thru Thursday 8 am to 6 pm, and Friday and Saturday 8 am to 7 pm.  Please remember, there's always a provision for late arrival if you don't make it by the time we close the office.

Cigarette Butts and Dog Poop - What do they have in common?

The answer one wants to pick them up when they are left by someone else.  That's the nice part; the not-so-nice part is other guests don't want to step in it or see cigarette butts left in real-time.  Please be considerate and pick up after your dog and yourself and remember, the fire pit is just that, not a garbage can.

Golf Carts

Electric golf carts are allowed to be used in the campground.


Kiln dried firewood is available for purchase at our KOA at reasonable cost.  Please do not bring outside firewood in as we cannot guarantee that it has not been illegally transported across state lines or from over 50 miles away and may be carrying pests.  Thank you for your understanding.

Dogs/Dog owner responsibilities

All non-aggressive pets are welcome at Perry KOA, but dogs need a little help from their human counterparts.  We ask that all dog owners carry current proof of rabies vaccination.  Also required is that all pet waste be picked up and disposed of in either a garbage receptacle or dog waste receptacle of which there are four in the park for community use.  If you are in a dog patio site, please also pick up your dog's waste and dispose of it in the receptacle provided in that site, same goes for the dog park if you use that.  Guests leaving dog waste to be cleaned by others will incur a $100 minmum pick-up fee.  We'd prefer to not have staff chase this around and to not have any other guest to clean off their shoes due to an irresponsible dog owner.

Cabin Occupancy

All cabins at Perry KOA are limited to a total of four persons of any age.  This is due to fire/life safety codes in the event of an emergency.  This policy is strictly enforced.   Let us know if you have more people and interested in booking, we may be able to reserve two cabins side-by-side.  Thank you for your understanding.


We understand that camping guests may have visitors that are not camping with them.  For the security of all campground guests and to stay in compliance with Florida statutes, all visitors must stop at the office, get a pass and sign the visitor log.  Overnight visitor fee is $5.00 per person when announced at check-in, unreported overnight visitors will be charged $8.00 per person on the camper's account.   Cooperation with this policy is greatly appreciated.  It is very important to list accurately the number of people staying with you and to announce your visitors.

Pool / Hot Tub

Our pool will be heated beginning the 2021-2022 winter season.  Weather will dictate when the heater will go on so there is no firm date yet.

Our pool and hot tub are open daily from 10:00 am to 8:00 pm at which time the gate is locked.  Please do not access the area by climbing the fence to get to the bathrooms or facilities. The main bathhouse can be accessed 24/7. 

Pool and hot tub use is limited to camping guests only--permitting and insurance prohibit non-camping guests from utilizing both.  We appreciate advance cooperation with these requirements and it eliminates any embarrassment from breaking the rules.

Check-in Policy

Check-in time of 1:00 pm for RV sites and 2:00 pm for cabins and park model accommodations  has been designed for better customer service, as we are not prepared to check guests in in the morning and certainly not before check-out time, which is 11:00 am.  Please be courteous to departing guests by honoring this policy.   Keeping this schedule facilitates smoother check-ins and ensures that arriving guests will not have to navigate firepits or outgoing guests' trash from the night before.  Site cleanup is performed between check-out and check-in hours.  Early check-in will result in a $5.00 per hour fee.

We appreciate your cooperation with this policy.

Quiet Hours

Quiet hours at Perry KOA are 10 pm to 7 am all days.

Late Arrival

Those with reservations arriving after store hours will find a rack on the building near our entrance door.  Each late arrival will have an envelope identified with their last name and required information to get you to your site will be in the envelope.  Emergency phone numbers, if needed, are also posted at this location.

Cancelation Policy on Cabins

You must cancel at least 7 days before your arrival date for any cabin rentals. You will then only be charged a $10 cancelation fee. If you cancel a cabin rental within 7 days of your arrival you will forfeit your whole deposit.

Long Term Stay (Monthly)

Perry KOA offers monthly rates and a variety of site types for snowbirds, temporary workers, folks relocating to the area, and those that just want to not have to tow every weekend during scallop season or hunting season.  The park is quiet at night with just the right amenities if you're hanging out all day.  There are a few things to note, and a phone call is always best before booking, especially since our reservation system limits an on-line booking to no more than 27 days.  Our office number is 850.584.3221 or email us at [email protected].  
  • Please keep in mind that all of our monthly sites are full hook up sites so we ask our monthly guests to utilize their own facilities.  This frees up our bathhouse and showers for those on tent sites and in small cabins that do not have any facilities.  There will be an additional fee for those wishing to use our bathhouse rather than their own.
  • Please be able to personally tow your RV in and out.  
  • The monthly rate covers two adults and two children 16 and under.  There is an extra fee for extra month-long guests and overnight visitors.  No fee for day visitors.
  • Please bring proof of current rabies vaccination for any dogs included on your reservation.
  • We will not accept regular USPS mail addressed to the Perry KOA address.
  • Max length of stay is 6 months unless working on a verifiable project in the area.  Ask front desk staff about this for further clarification.

Any exceptions to the above need to be made directly by Perry KOA owner management.

Snowbird season begins mid-October, please be sure to secure your site by August for the best selection.

Any questions, please do not hesitate to call or email!

Covid 19

Perry KOA considers the health, safety, and security of our guests as a serious first to having an enjoyable outdoor experience. Without those, the fun just isn't possible. We've put together this communication to advise our guests of the regular steps we take to ensure we meet this goal for you, especially in light of the current health situation affecting the world.

In addition to the cleaning/disinfecting procedures outlined below, we are operating with minor restrictions on our pool usage and tent site booking capacity.  County Health Dept requires that we operate our pool space at 50% capacity.  We are being proactive and have further reduced that occupancy limit to 15.  So far this season that has not posed a hardship for our guests, even on a busy weekend.  We thank everyone for being considerate of others while we work with current restrictions.

Our regular cleaning program for bathrooms/showers/laundry and all other community spaces, such as store and clubhouse, has included and will continue to include both cleaning AND disinfecting. In addition to the normal, this means switches, doorknobs, coin slots in the laundry, door jambs, garbage receptacles, furniture, coolers and pens in the office!  We have always kept hand sanitizer readily available at the registration desk, just now we have a much larger bottle available for anyone wishing to use it when they check in. Additionally, items in our cabins, such as kitchen cabinets, knobs, microwave, refrigerator, broom handles, furniture, and anything else that people touch, do receive the same attention. We also have instituted a stricter policy of recleaning and disinfecting all kitchenware used in our deluxe cabins after each reservation.  We believe this will help allay the fears of those that are unable to bring their own "home on wheels" which, of course, is the probably the best option for anyone considering travel now or in the near future.

We are regularly checking updates from the CDC and highly encourage our guests to do the same: is an excellent resource.  Even the CDC promotes the advice that we learned as children "wash your hands and don't touch your face!"

In the event you do feel the need to cancel a reservation, please remember that we are always willing to reschedule to a future date.  Call us, have the conversation, we're all in this together.  As always, we look forward to welcoming our guests and thank you for choosing Perry KOA!

Meet Your Hosts

Debby and Brian Somers

"I took a walk in the woods and came out taller than the trees." - HD Thoreau

Debby and Brian Somers are the owners of Perry KOA!   

While we don't all literally "stay in the woods" any longer, it is that spirit that brings us to "camp" no matter our choice of vessel.   When it comes to building a vision and bringing people to it, we envision our collective experience will fulfill our dream of creating a quality experience for our campers whether they arrive with the smallest of tent or the largest of RV!

We look forward to welcoming our guests and working with KOA to develop a superior product and a relaxing experience for all who visit our KOA!