Your Guide to Local Wildlife Around Perry, Florida

Your Guide to Local Wildlife Around Perry, Florida

If you are vacationing in Perry, Florida, there are many types of animals to enjoy nearby. You might see anything from black bears to sturgeon in this beautiful state. By learning about wildlife local to Florida, you can spot some exciting animals on your next trip. 


Mammals live all over Florida, in the ocean and on land. Here are a few mammals that are part of the wildlife native to Perry, Florida and nearby areas: 

  • Otter: The river otter resides near freshwater rivers, creeks, lakes, ponds and swamps. They often build holes near the water or use a beaver's burrow as their home. 
  • Black bear: This is the only bear species in Florida. Black bears often live alone except when mating or in family groups. If you see one, back away when possible. 
  • Manatee: This large, slow-moving marine mammal lives in Florida's coastal and inland waters. Manatees are gentle and friendly sea creatures and feed on sea grass and algae. 
  • Bobcat: This spotted feline lives throughout Florida, even inhabiting urban and suburban areas. They hunt at night and are good at hiding, so they are often hard to see. 


The ocean surrounds Florida on three sides. The state also has many freshwater rivers, streams and ponds, meaning you can find various fish species. Here are a few common species that make up the local wildlife near Perry, Florida:

  • Largemouth bass: This popular game fish inhabits many freshwater rivers and lakes. Their most identifiable feature is a large jaw that extends behind the eye. 
  • Bluegill: These small fish inhabit Florida lakes and ponds. During the summer, anglers can find bluegill congregating in large beds as they spawn. 
  • Snook: This saltwater fish species can grow up to 48 inches long, and Florida visitors often see them in inshore coastal waters like seagrass beds and beaches. 
  • Sheepshead: With black vertical stripes along their bodies, these fish have received the nickname “convict fish." They also have prominent teeth to feed on hard-shelled prey, and they reside in coastal waters near Florida. 
  • Gulf sturgeon: As a threatened species, this fish has become rarer in Florida waters. They can grow as long as 6 feet in length, and from February to April, they spawn in freshwater and then return to saltwater the rest of the year.


Avid birdwatchers will love visiting Florida. The state is home to hundreds of species, especially during the winter as northern birds migrate to warmer areas. Here are a few birds to look out for on your next trip:

  • Bald eagle: With about 1,500 nesting pairs residing in Florida, this state is a great place to find bald eagles. They are easily recognizable by their large size and white head and tail. 
  • Wild turkey: These large birds wander in groups searching for food like acorns and insects. They often live along the edge of forests and are recognizable by their tiny heads and long necks.  
  • White pelican: These large birds spend their winters in Florida and other coastal states. They are most recognizable by their long beak with a large pouch for scooping up fish. These birds nest on the ground along the coast. 
  • Flamingo: Along Florida's coastal waters, these pink birds often congregate in large flocks. Their pink and red plumage comes from their diet, especially shrimp. 
  • Anhinga: These year-round Florida residents inhabit coastal areas, and you can identify them by their black bodies and tan necks. They feed on small fish, snakes and young alligators. 

Explore Florida's Local Wildlife on Your Next Vacation

If you want a peaceful, nature-filled vacation in Florida, Perry KOA Holiday is the perfect destination for you. The tree-lined campground offers plenty of opportunities for wildlife viewing. You can also drive to nearby state parks like Forest Capital Museum State Park or Wakulla Springs State Park for even more opportunities to spot local animals. Reserve your site today for your next vacation. 

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