Hiking in Perry, Florida

Hiking in Perry, Florida

Hiking in Perry, Florida, offers you and your family many opportunities to experience the beautiful surroundings. Discover new hiking places and what to bring on your hikes to stay safe.

Excellent Hiking Areas Near Perry

Perry and the surrounding areas have excellent parks and trails that the whole family will love to explore. Some of the best hiking destinations near Perry include:

1. Wes Skiles Peacock Springs State Park

Go on an adventure while hiking at Wes Skiles Peacock Springs State Park. Walk the 1.2-mile interpretive trail that lets you imagine swimming and walking through caves, but you can stay above ground. The path has several displays with maps and photos showing what's below you.

Wes Skiles Peacock Springs State Park is about 30 minutes from Perry KOA Holiday.

2. Florida Trail Along the Aucilla River

Consider the part of the Florida Trail near the Aucilla River if you want to go on a longer hike but still have an easy time walking and hiking. The point-to-point trail is around 9 miles long. While hiking, you'll have gorgeous views of the river, swimming holes and sinkholes.

The Florida Trail is about 30 minutes away from Perry KOA.

3. Econnnnnfina River State Park

Hike part of or all 14.8 miles of trails at Econfina River State Park. The park's trails provide beautiful scenic views that all nature lovers will enjoy. You'll hike through forest-covered trails while seeing native plants and animals.

Econfina River State Park is 35 minutes from our KOA Campground.

4. Suwannee River State Park

There's a hiking adventure waiting for you at Suwannee River State Park. Whether you have an hour or all day, the trails are ready to help you and your family have fun spending time together. Walk the trails that follow the Suwannee River or stroll on the Earthworks Trail to see an old ferry landing.

Suwannee River State Park is about 50 minutes from the campground.

5. Apalachicola National Forest

Travel west to the Apalachicola National Forest to hike various trails. The forest has trails of all lengths and difficulty levels, making them perfect for day hikes. You'll see stunning plants and flora native to the area. You may also see diverse wildlife.

The Apalachicola National Forest is one hour and 30 minutes away from the campground.

Essential Hiking Gear to Bring on Hikes

Whether you are hiking a short or long trail, proper gear is essential to your well-being throughout the adventure. Ensure you are prepared for your hiking trip in Perry by packing items like:

  • Water
  • Food
  • Weather-appropriate clothes
  • Hiking shoes or boots
  • Sunscreen and sunglasses
  • First aid kit

They are the necessities you should bring and wear on any hike. You may need additional hiking gear for more extensive and challenging hikes.

Relax at Perry KOA Holiday After Your Hikes

Perry KOA Holiday makes the perfect base camp for your hiking trip. The campground has everything you need to relax after long days of hiking under the sun. Continue your adventure by camping with us. Book your campsite today to get started!

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