Fishing in Perry, Florida — A Travel Guide

Fishing in Perry, Florida — A Travel Guide

Florida is an anglers' paradise throughout the year. Each season offers different opportunities and species to catch, and this travel guide to fishing in Perry, Florida, gives you everything you need to know.

Things to Know When Fishing in Perry, Florida

Perry offers excellent fishing possibilities. The waters are as diverse as the fish within. Here is essential information to help you navigate the area and reel in the catches.

1. Fishing Season and Best Time to Go Fishing in Perry, FL

Due to the mostly mild climate, every season is a fishing season in Florida. The prevalence of species is seasonal, and fish tend to retreat in colder or hotter temperatures. Fish are usually active in the early morning, avoiding midday rays to move deeper into the waters. They bite less during storms and cold fronts, but they do not mind cloudy days or light rain.

Remember your licenses and regulations when planning your fishing trip:

  • Licenses: The various fish species in the area mean a variety of permits. You get freshwater or saltwater licenses or a combined version. Remember, snook, lobster and tarpon require special permits. Visit the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conversation website for everything you need. 
  • Regulations: Each region has its own rules, and they change, so checking them is crucial. Examples of restrictions are how much fish you can catch per person or vessel, the catching method and the species you may target. Particular gear is not allowed, like spearfishing for marine species.

2. Fish Native to Florida

Florida is known as a fishing haven. Some of the fish you can expect to reel in:

  • Freshwater fish: Peacock bass, largemouth bass, yellow bullheads, redear sunfish, black crappie and bluegills.
  • Inshore fish: Sea trout, sheepshead, black drum, snook, flounder and redfish.
  • Flyfish: Bonefish, tarpon and permit.
  • Offshore fish: Gulf sturgeon, wahoo, king mackerel, mahi mahi, swordfish, sailfish and tuna.

3. Best Fishing Destinations

Fishing spots and charters are abundant near Perry, Florida, and include:

4. What Bait to Use

Bait appeals to a broader array of fish and is more cost-effective than lures. However, you need the right bait to catch the right fish:

  • Bait for saltwater fishing: Shrimp, crab, shiners, mullet and sand fleas, also known as mole crabs.
  • Bait for freshwater fishing: Leeches, dough balls, insects or cut bait, which means cutting fish to use as bait.

You can buy bait in fishing shops surrounding popular angling spots or try to catch your own. Remember that bait catching also has regulations.

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