Your Guide to Biking Near the Pere Marquette River

Your Guide to Biking Near the Pere Marquette River

Your Guide to Biking Near the Pere Marquette River

If you are vacationing near Ludington, you have convenient access to one of Michigan's best biking trails. The Pere Marquette State Trail stretches 53 miles east to west across Central Michigan, with gorgeous scenery. The trail reaches from Clare to Baldwin, Michigan. Another path, the Pere Marquette Rail-Trail, offers an additional 30 miles of bike exploration from Clare to Midland. 

The trail is paved or covered in crushed stone, making it perfect for biking and other activities like skating, walking and running. Along the way, bikers can spot rivers, trees, fields and wildflowers. The trail also passes through towns and over bridges, creating exciting things to see wherever you are. If you want to explore Pere Marquette bike trails, this guide can help you with everything from where to start to the property safety measures. 

How to Reach the Trail

The Pere Marquette State Trail has entrances at both ends. Those looking to explore the trail can start at the Baldwin trailhead on Michigan Avenue or the Clare trailhead on Maple Street. 

Along the trail, bikers can also find parking and bathrooms at restored railroad depots in Reed City (at 200 North Chestnut Street) and Evart. Reed City marks the division between the northern and southern trail segments. Farwell also offers parking at City Park near Main Street. 

Bikers can enter or exit from any trailhead or parking area and head north or south. The trails are open 24 hours a day and all year long, even during the winter, so many people take to the paths on snowmobiles during the snowy months. During warmer weather, the trails allow for multi-purpose use. Visitors can bike, skate or push strollers. On paved sections, the route is also wheelchair accessible. Some even use the trails for walking or running. You can bring your dog as well.

How Long Is the Pere Marquette Bike Trail?

The Pere Marquette State Trail is 53 miles long from beginning to end, but it is divided into north and south segments. The northern part connects Reed City and Baldwin and stretches about 15 miles. The southern piece is about 38 miles long from Reed City to Clare. 

Bikers looking for more trails to explore can take a 1.5-mile road connection to reach the Pere Marquette Rail-Trail, stretching 30 miles from Clare to Midland. 

Bike Trail Safety

Following biking safety rules will ensure the best experience for all trail visitors. Trail etiquette requires that bikers keep to the right of the trail except to pass. When passing, bikers should use a bell or their voice to alert those around them. Whether you explore on a bike or skates, maintain safe speeds and remain aware of your surroundings to avoid injuries. Helmets are also suggested for biker safety. 

Bikers in groups should also avoid blocking the trail when stopping. If you need to stop, remember to pull to the side so that other trail visitors can pass. If you bring a meal or disposable water bottles, carry your trash until you find a wastebasket. Litter quickly clutters a trail, making it more dangerous to navigate and taking away from the area's natural beauty. If you bring a dog, keep it on a leash, so it is always near your side. 

Enjoy Biking Near Ludington 

If you want a beautiful place to step out into nature and explore, the Pere Marquette Bike Trail is a must-see Michigan location. Come with your bike, some skates or a stroller and enjoy Michigan's natural beauty. If you are looking for a place to stay near the bike trail, reserve a site at Ludington East / Pere Marquette River KOA Holiday. Our campground offers convenient access to the Baldwin trailhead, so bikers can explore the trail during their stay.

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