Fishing Guide for the Currituck Sound, North Carolina

Fishing Guide for the Currituck Sound, North Carolina

Whether you are experienced at fishing or are trying to learn the hobby for the first time, Currituck Sound is a great place to go. You can get beautiful ocean views and catch a variety of fish species. Before you book your next vacation to fish on the Currituck Sound, read this handy guide so you can learn the best spots and ensure you have all the proper gear.

Best Places to Fish on the Currituck Sound

You will never run out of exciting spots to fish on the Currituck Sound. You can find many places right along the bay where you can cast off the dock. You can also book fishing charters to get a deep-sea fishing experience. If you are looking to stay near the land, here are some of the best Currituck Sound fishing spots:

  • Dowdy Sound: You can bring your fishing gear to this location to catch fish species like largemouth bass, chain pickerel and blue catfish.
  • Sanders Bay: This location is home to a wide variety of fish species, including Atlantic croaker and red drum.
  • Poplar Branch Bay: This location near Kill Devil Hills is a great place to catch many freshwater fish species.
  • Little Narrows: Stop at this fishing spot near Elizabeth City for crabs, New Zealand brill and more.

If you are looking to branch out from the Currituck Sound and venture out to find fishing in the Outer Banks, here are a few additional locations to check out:

  • Oregon Inlet
  • Outer Banks Fishing Pier
  • Pamlico Sound
  • Gulf Stream

Types of Fish You Can Catch

The great thing about fishing near the Currituck Sound is that you can catch a wide variety of fish, including freshwater and saltwater species. Here are a few of the top species to look for during your fishing trip on the Currituck Sound:

  • Bluefish: You can fish for bluefish pretty much all year along the coast of North Carolina, and they often swarm to attack bait fish on the water's surface.
  • Red drum: Redfish love to stay in the shallows near the Outer Banks and Currituck Sound. They are big, tough and aggressive, perfect for sports fishers.
  • Spotted sea trout: If you are looking for sea trout, the best time to come is during the spring months.
  • Striped bass: You can catch this fish species right in the surf, and the best time for catching it is during the winter and spring.
  • Cobia: These dark brown fish can grow up to 6 feet long and often spawn in coastal bays like the Currituck Sound.
  • Crabs: You can go crabbing along the Currituck Sound during the summer, using a fishing rod and bait to reel these creatures in just like fish.
  • Flounder: These strange-looking saltwater fish hang out along the seashore, especially during the cooler fall months.
  • Sea bass: These fish like to spend time near the bottom of the sound, feeding on vegetation that has washed in from the ocean.

What You Will Need to Fish on the Currituck Sound

To ensure the most successful Currituck Sound fishing trip, you can pack these essentials:

  • Fishing license: To fish in North Carolina, you will need to pick up a fishing license online or at a local tackle shop. If you take a charter, this rule might not apply since captains are usually licensed for the whole boat.
  • Fishing gear: You will need a rod and reel, monofilament fishing line, fishing weights and a cork or plastic bobber.
  • Bait: You can bring fishing lures along or pick up live bait at a local shop once you arrive. Based on the species of fish you hope to catch, you might choose different bait types.
  • Sunscreen: You will be spending a lot of time under the sun, so be sure you protect your skin. 
  • Cooler: You can store your food and drinks here to keep them cold. You may want to bring an additional cooler if you plan to use live bait.
  • Camera: Document your fishing adventures by bringing a camera along.
  • Extra clothes: If you get wet or fish on a scorching day, you might appreciate a change of clothes.

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