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General Campground Information

Check-in and Check-out times

Check-ins are at 2:00PM
If you are a guest arriving after hours, please properly check-in at the office in the morning when we open.

Check-out time is 11:00AM for all guests.

Reservation/Cancellation Policy

Our policy differs from the KOA Corporate policy. Please see our policy below:

Mountain Top Resort / Ouray KOA Reservation/Cancellation Policy
Peak Season June 1 – October 15 *** November 24- March 21 

  • 1-4 Nights
  • Upon booking, a one night deposit is due. An email confirmation will be sent. This email will state the 1-4 night stay cancellation policy.
  • If canceled:
  • 31 days or more: $20 cancellation fee
  • 30 days or less: You will be refunded all but one night deposit 
  • 5-30 Nights 
  • Upon booking, 20% or a 1 night deposit (whichever is greater) of the full amount will be due as a reservation deposit. An email confirmation will be sent. This email will state the 5-30 night stay cancellation policy.
  • If canceled:
  • 45 days or more: $20 cancellation fee 
  • 30 to 15 days: 75% refund
  • 14-8 days: 50% refund
  • 7-0 days: no refund 
  • 30 days out from reservation, payment in full will be charged to the card on file and an email confirmation will be sent. For customers without an email, a phone call/voicemail will be executed to ensure that they understand the cancellation policy. 
  • 30+ Nights 
  • Upon booking, 20% of the first 30 days of stay will be due as a reservation deposit. An email confirmation will be sent. This email will state the 30+ night stay cancellation policy.
  • If canceled:
  • 45 days or more: $20 cancellation fee
  • 30-15 days: 75% refund of the first 30 days 
  • 14-8 days: 50% refund of the first 30 days 
  • 7-0 days: no refunds 
  • Upon check-in, the second 30 days of payment will be due. 
  • For each additional 30 days of stay, payment will be due 30 days in advance
  • 30 days prior to reservation date, the remainder of the first 30 days of stay will be charged automatically to the card on file. An email confirmation will be sent. This email will state the 30+ night stay cancellation policy.

Non-Peak Season Cancellation Policy 
  • If canceled: 
  • 31 days or more: $20 cancellation fee
  • 30 days or less: all but 1 night deposit refunded 

Store Hours

We are open from 8:00AM to 6:00PM everyday. Our store includes souvenirs, groceries, beer, ice, firewood (delivered to site), and maps of the campground.

Hot Tub

The hot tub is open daily for your enjoyment.

Laundry Room

The camp laundry room is located right behind the office and is open daily.
$2.00 each wash
$1.75 each dry
You can purchase a roll of quarters for $10.00
Soap and dryer sheets sold in store.

Pet Rules & Fees

Aggressive behavior pets will not be tolerated. 
All pets must be on a leash at all times. 
Please pick up where your pet left off. 
No pets in office, retail, restrooms, except for service dogs.
Deluxe Cabins - $25.00/day
Camping Cabins, Teepee - $6.00/day
RV & Tents - $1.00/day per pet

Firewood Policy

Buy it where you burn it!
Upon purchase of firewood at the camp, we will deliver it to your camp site

Transporting firewood can spread insects and diseases that kill trees. It is unlawful to transport pests. Please buy firewood where you camp. 
*If you have firewood from out of state, please BURN IT IMMEDIATELY. Our forests thank you!

For more information contact: 
Colorado Department of Agriculture at 303-239-4140
Colorado State Forest Service at 970-491-6303
USDA APHIS PPQ at 303-371-3355

Thank you!

Camp speed

Camp speed is 5MPH. No riding in the camp area for ATV & Dirt bikes.

Meet Your Hosts

Troy and Penny Crosson

Hip Hip Ouray!

The Ouray KOA would like to welcome Troy and Penny Crosson as the new hosts for this campground! This couple has been in the people serving business for over 38 years.
Troy grew up in a family of builders. Having worked under the wings of his father in construction at the age of 13, groomed him to be a commercial contractor and later a general contractor of a variety of projects, from apartments, churches, funeral home, large box stores, to commercial development projects. His last two commercial projects include The International Market Place, Honolulu Hawaii, and The DOCO multi-use center, of the Sacramento Kings, consisting of retail stores, hotel & condos.
Troy's creative mind and gift in communication inspires anyone who is around him to dream big and desire to do more both professionally as well as personally.
Listen to Troy's personal story on this link. http://www.pennycrosson.net/troys-story
Troy has traveled around the world since the early 90's participating in humanitarian mission projects, such as building handicap playgrounds for orphanages in third world countries and vetting recipients of funds, making sure the money was used as promised. Troy's heart is bigger than his creative mind. He seeks to make the world a better place for those who are in his reach.
Taking on a 38 acre campground that needs some attention would overwhelm most, but this undertaking is a playground for this innovative mind.

Penny has a creative background in cosmetology, as hair and make-up artist since 1980. Troy has always been her biggest cheerleader as she found herself painting art on walls and turning her kids' rooms into any childhood dream room, before HGTV hit the scene. Her cosmetology evolved into interior decorating, expanding her beauty clientele into decorating and interior design projects.
Cosmetologists often find themselves as an un-assumed counselor to those who sit in their chair. Penny was inspired in 2004 to write an educational & inspirational make-up book. A book that she now offers as a FREE download  http://www.pennycrosson.net/shop . Enjoy this 200 page, easy to read, down to earth, inspiring delight. 
Penny loves to create visual appeal through beauty, fashion, interior design, exterior design & life's special events. Owning and operating an event venue for many years was yet another creative outlet for Penny to serve others. Creating an unexpected pleasant surprise is her mission in everything she touches. Color & design cause such emotional reactions and she is excited to put her talent to this campground. Throughout Penny's life she has learned to be a great host and friend to all who visit.

Troy and Penny, as well as the new staff, are excited to serve you as their guest and are looking forward to help create an unforgettable experience for you and your loved ones while visiting The Mountain Top Resort, Ouray KOA. 

Troy and Penny Crosson

Oh My, There's Nothing Here!

That doesn't mean this area has to always be empty. When you start reviewing camping options, your history will display here to help compare sites and find the best stay. You will be able to share your stay information with friends or family and save it for a later time if you have a KOA.com Account.