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The Contenders

The Contenders have made an album that only this brand of troubadour's optimism could have inspired. A tacit assumption, based on experience, that people are generally good and want the same things. But there's a flip side, and Laughing with the Reckless is basically a sad album, as it deftly conveys that unique heartbreak that comes from having allowed oneself to be so hopeful—from being intimately connected to so many different kinds of people, knowing the joyful communion that comes so naturally when we're together, and confronting the reality of how often and severely we fail to live up to that potential. For a troubadour, observing current American political discourse is like watching two brothers bludgeon each other in a fistfight, or two best friends get divorced. The people screaming at each other these days are not strangers to us. We know them. We've slept on their couches.So Laughing with the Reckless, with all its infectious rhythms and sublime two-part harmonies, grew out of those moments that are only possible when people “come together,” a phrase which, crucially, is not used on this album as a platitude. It's meant literally. When Jay Nash and Josh Day sing, “if we all come together, we can see the light,” they mean actually, physically come together, as they have done with so many people for so long. They mean sit, eat, drink, talk, laugh, brag, embellish, confess, ramble, share, and reveal parts of ourselves we never meant to. The parts we might not even reveal to those who think they know us best, choosing instead to entrust our best secrets to the safekeeping of a stranger. When we do that, we find that our religion, our politics, our grievances almost never come to the forefront of the conversation, no matter how much of each other's whiskey we drink. Our families, our work, our adolescent missteps, our friends, our sick parents, our hobbies, our songs, our favorite bands, our dreams—these are what are shared, because these, apparently, happily, are what actually define a person.

Mt. Shasta 14,180' South Side route TBD Photo

Mt. Shasta 14,180' South Side route TBD

Friday May 13 meet at Bunny Flat TH@7,000' and camp in your vehicle.
Saturday May 14- We will meet at the Bunny Flat Trailhead at 8 am. After introductions you will read and sign the Oregon Alpine Project liability waiver then gear checklist next we will pay for our summit passes 20-30$ea.
Saturday we will ascend from Bunny Flat @7,000' to our camp at @10,000'. We will be on snowshoes or skis to our camp and ascend at a very leisurely pace. We will have heavy overnight packs so there is absolutely no rush to get to camp. We will save our energy for the summit on Sunday. Once we reach our desired elevation for camp (@10,000') we will take a 2 hour break to set up camp, lunch and make water. Sometime before dinner we will practice crampon technique, glissading and ice axe self arrest. This class should take less than 1 hour. Dinner and plenty of pictures to follow, then early to bed for an alpine start.

Sunday May 15- 3AM wakeup for a 4 am departure. We will have an early start to a long day. We will have a 4,000' ascent at altitude so we will be moving slowly. All of the south side routes meet at the top of the Whitney Glacier below Misery Hill at around 13,000' Then up Misery Hill to the plateau @ 14,000' then to the easy but very deceiving summit! We will return from any route on the south side down Avalanche Gulch. After our descent we will pack up camp and slog out to the trailhead. At the trailhead i will cook my traditional Bills Burgers, Brats and Beers- Apris Climb!
I will have swag for sale also. Tips appreciated for the food.

Watch the forecast and mountain conditions at
Lookup the south side routes on or

High Altitude... Affects everyone differently. I have a bit of experience with it having climbed 5 peaks over 19,000' and to 14k' on 12 or more peaks so i can help you with this. I was given some incredible advice/tips recently so i hope to have everyone overcome this obstacle on our trip, but if you vomit while climbing this means the trip is over for you. We cannot get you out to overcome this level of sickness and summit, so you will have to turn around at that point.

Medical Issues- please share with me privately for your safety and the groups.