Top Breweries to Visit in Missoula, MT

Top Breweries to Visit in Missoula, MT

In the last couple of years, craft beers have skyrocketed in popularity, making the breweries that produce them popular destinations for an area's locals and tourists alike. Full of unique flavors and creative layouts, breweries all over are making a name for themselves, providing customers with extraordinary experiences.

Missoula is a dynamic city, full of lively breweries that are perfect for you and your friends to enjoy. Whether you're looking to have a relaxing outing or a more energetic experience full of live music, our campground location offers you convenient access to many of the best breweries in Missoula. 

Top Breweries to Try in Missoula

When you're on a family vacation or exploring the great wilderness of Montana with friends, there are plenty of things to do in Missoula to make your trip unforgettable. This city is home to many of the top breweries in the area, offering delicious drinks, mouthwatering food and entertaining moments. 

Some of the top breweries in Missoula, Montana, include: 

  • Highlander Beer: Stop by for a couple of craft beers while you enjoy a slice or two of handmade, artisan pizza. Check out their calendar to visit on days when they're hosting trivia night or live music. Located on International Dr.
  • Big Sky Brewing: Created by three men with a passion for brewing, Big Sky Brewing offers many unique drinks for you to try. From seltzers to craft beers on tap, this brewery in Missoula has something for everyone to enjoy. Located on Trumpeter Way.
  • Bayern Brewing: With roots tying back to Bavaria in Germany, this brewing company is run by a master brewer passionate about creating unique beers made from all-natural ingredients that have been given time to fully mature. This process takes four times longer than traditional ales, showing Bayern customers the company's commitment to a high standard. You can also enjoy authentic German Cuisine at the Edelweiss Bistro located right at the brewery on Montana St.
  • KettleHouse Brewing: Started in a home kitchen in the early 90s, KettleHouse Brewing Company is now home to award-winning beers that you're sure to love. Taprooms located in Bonner and downtown on Myrtle Street.
  • Draught Works Brewery: Draught Works offers a rich experience with a strong dedication to crafting high-quality beers. Bring the whole family with you to enjoy an exciting environment with regular live music, fun events and their homemade root beer for the kids. Located on Toole Ave.

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The vibrant city of Missoula has so much to offer you and your family. Whether you're looking for exciting activities for your kids or can't wait to try out the best breweries in Missoula, our location in the city offers unparalleled access to everything available.

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