Campfires And Firewood

Campfires And Firewood


Open campfires are permitted at Missoula KOA but only at designated fire rings. All sites have fire rings. Sites at the Tent Village also have free-standing charcoal barbecue grills for your convenience.  Deluxe Cabins and Teepees have a gas BBQ on site for you to use.

You can use our Community Camp Fire Area at Elmer’s Park. Family groups like to use this space since it is bigger and open, with the playground right next to it. Please check at the registration desk for more information.


No outside firewood allowed in the park. Bundled Firewood is available for purchase at the KOA store.  We also have fire starters available for purchase.  Firewood can be delivered to your site. Please no burning trash in the fire rings - we have dumpsters for trash throughout the campground.

Don’t Move Firewood, Help Stop Invasive Pests, Buy Local Firewood, Buy it where you burn it.

Moving Firewood can transport forest insects and diseases.

Tree-killing pests can hitchhike on infested firewood, accidentally creating new infestations that destroy our street trees, forests, and natural areas.

Protect your favorite places from this threat:

  • Buy locally harvested firewood.
  • Tell your friends not to move firewood.
  • When you travel, ask a park ranger or campground host about where to get local firewood.

Find out more Click: Don't Move

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