4 Glacier National Park Best Practices for a Safe Trip

4 Glacier National Park Best Practices for a Safe Trip

Are you planning to visit Glacier National Park? From the park's diverse wildlife to its iconic glaciers, there is plenty to behold at this national treasure. Whether you are stopping by for the day or planning an extensive excursion, follow these best practices for your next Glacier National Park visit.

1. Have a Plan for Your Trip

As tempting as it is to set off spontaneously, always plan ahead when visiting Glacier National Park. Several factors could contribute to unsafe conditions, so it is best to have a game plan.

Before heading out, visit and review the National Park Service's Plan a Visit page. This page provides an overview of everything you might need to know when visiting national parks, including critical safety and accessibility information.

2. Review the Basic Information Page

Next, you will want to review the Glacier National Park Basic Information page. This page provides details such as:

  • Current park conditions.
  • The park's hours.
  • Entry fees.
  • Pet- and service animal-friendliness.
  • Visitor center hours.
  • Internet and cellular access details.
  • Other crucial information for your trip. 

Reviewing this page ensures you and your group know how to prepare for your park visit.

3. Stop by the Visitor Center

It might be tempting to skate past Glacier National Park's Visitor Center and skip to the fun part — exploring the park. However, you will want to stop by the Visitor Center to grab maps and guides. 

If possible, speak with the park rangers on duty. They can assist you with planning the best trip for your group's needs.  

4. Keep a Safe Distance From Wildlife

As you explore Glacier National Park, you might encounter wildlife, including moose, elk, mule deer, coyotes, wolverines and bears. Observe these animals from a respectful distance to protect your safety, as well as the safety of the animals.  

Preserving our national parks is also important, so remember to clean up after yourself and leave no trace of your visit behind.

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