General Campground Information

Fire Pits and fire safety

Most of our camp sites and camping accommodations have firepits. All fires must be kept in designated firepits only. Do not move our firepits. If your campsite does not feature a firepit, You are welcome to bring your own! For safety reasons, your fire pit must be elevated off the ground and have sealed sides and bottom. Absolutely no fires are allowed on the ground. Firewood is available for sale, during our normal business hours, in our general store.

Camping Cabin Policy

No pets, smoking or cooking are allowed inside our cabins. These are fire department, health department & corporate insurance rules that must be followed. Check-in is 2:00pm & Check-out is Noon. Sleeps up to 4.

Check-in and Check-out Times

Check-out time is Noon. Check-in time for RV and tent sites is 1:00. Check-in time for Kamping Kabins is 2:00.

Important Tent information

Sites in our campground are based on a single camping/sleeping unit.

For instance, a full hookup site is for use with a single travel trailer, a single motor home, a single 5th wheel, etc. A no-hookup site is for a single tent, a single travel trailer, a single class C, etc.  We do not allow additional camping/sleeping units to occupy our campsites. However, we do make exception for young children who want to experience tent camping. In addition to your main camping unit, we allow a single child size tent to be used for children. The tent must be no larger than a 2 man pup tent. These tents are easily identifiable, as they are roughly 3 feet x 5 feet and no taller than  42 inches.  Any additional camping units that do not fit into this criteria will not be allowed. Do not setup any additional full size tents, or any type of camping/sleeping units with the intention of housing additional guests on a single site. They will require their own campsite. 

If needed, we do offer group campsites that allow multiple tents. Please inquire about these sites while making your vacation plans.


To provide a positive relaxing atmosphere for all of our guests, and to help prevent unwanted fires, GENERATORS OF ANY KIND ARE NOT ALLOWED!

Visitor Policy

ALL visitors to our campground must register at the main office before entering. There is a $7.50 per person charge to visit a registered camping guest. Once registered, guests will receive a wrist band, vehicle parking pass and be welcome to enjoy the campground. All unregistered guests will be asked to leave. All unregistered vehicles are subject to being towed at owners expense.

Off Season Amenities

Early October through March 1st our Office, Washrooms, Kamper's Den, Pool, Kabins, & Tent Sites are closed. Laundry is available upon request.

Pet policy

Your pets are welcome at the Lynden/Bellingham KOA! We do follow KOA's National Pet Policy. We ask that you not bring any animal known to exhibit aggressive or protective behavior. We ask that you do not leave your pet (or pets) unattended at any time, and they must be on a 6 foot, or shorter, leash whenever the animal is outside. Pets that incessantly bark day or night are not permitted. Pets are only allowed inside designated "Pet Friendly" buildings. Pets are not allowed in our camping cabins. You are required to pick up after your pet. Violators of any of these policies may be asked to exit our campground.

Pool Hours

Pool hours are 10:00am to 9:00pm daily. With an Adult Only swim from 1:00pm to 2:00pm and again at 5:00pm to 6:00pm daily. Please follow all of posted rules.There are no Lifeguards on duty.

Fishing rules

Our lakes are stocked with over 1000 Fresh Water Bass and Rainbow/Kamloop Trout every season! Fishing is free to camping customers. No fishing license is required. Catch and release is what we prefer, but if you like, you may choose to keep the fish you have caught. We do ask that barb-less hooks are used. If you do not have barb-less hooks, simply smashing the barb down with pliers will help ensure the health of our fish. As a reminder, fishing is not allowed from our pedal boats, boat dock or where otherwise posted.

A fun fact, the largest "documented" fish caught here was a 26" Kamloop Trout!

Speed limits within our campground

Our campground offers lots of areas for kids and adults to ride bikes, play and roam our property. For safety reasons, as well as providing a calm relaxing environment for our campers, we have a 5 MPH speed limit that is strictly enforced. This speed limit applies to all forms of transportation, RV's, vehicles, bicycles, kids/personal transportation, etc. Please watch your speed and don't be upset if we ask you to slow down. If anyone is asked more than once to slow down, they may be required to exit the campground, or discontinue the use of their transportation device.

Electric scooter/bike/transportation rules

We allow the use of personal electric transportation within our campground. Our campgrounds 5mph speed limit MUST be followed. Anyone found using excess speed, or dangerous or wreckless maneuvering, will be asked to discontinue the use of their electric device for the remainder of their stay.

Quiet hours

Our campground has a 10pm curfew/quiet hour. Please keep noise to a minimum, be courteous of other guests, and have children return to your site at this time.

Meet your hosts

Welcome to Lynden/Bellingham KOA! We are happy that you chose us for your camping destination.

This has been a family owned campground since 1978. Our current owner, Eddy Martin, and his sister, Vicki Lockhart, look forward to meeting you. "We try our very best to make your stay an enjoyable camping experience".  Please, don't hesitate to say hello to any of our wonderful staff. We are all eager to help with your stay.

Emergency and after hours contacts

In case of Emergency, phone 911.

For important concerns after hours, you can reach
Eddy at (360) 961-2247

Meet Your Hosts

Providing you the best camping experience, is our number one goal!

The KOA campground business is a family affair, as the Martin family, owners of the Lynden/Bellingham, KOA, in Washington, have proven over the years.

As long time Californians, how the Martin family stumbled upon the Lynden KOA is quite the story. For 20 years, Dan Martin was involved with the trucking business in Downey, CA and his wife, Shirley, worked for the local Police Department. Growing tired of the trucking industry and the hustle and bustle of southern California, Dan began looking for an RV campground to purchase.

The search had been going for two to three years until it suddenly came to an end. Dan and Shirley were sitting in a local donut shop, enjoying each other's company over coffee and a donut, when, to their surprise, a man walked in and kissed Dan on his head. When Dan turned around, to the man's embarrassment, he realized he had mistaken Dan for his friend Jim Walters. By coincidence, Dan and Shirley happened to know Jim, he was Dan's cousin, so they invited this new found friend to join them.

As the three began to talk, low and behold, this man was also looking to purchase a campground and had just returned from a trip to Washington. He had visited a beautiful campground that he wanted to purchase but just couldn't swing it. He had all the information in his car, including pictures and maps etc.

The Martins were very interested, so when they got home they called the owner and arranged to fly up and view the property. When they arrived in Lynden, the campground was covered in a blanket of snow, but the Martins saw potential and fell in love with the area. They decided this was right for them, so they went home and sold their house and trucking business and moved with their sons, Marty and Eddy, to Lynden, Washington. The entire rest of the family soon followed.

All these years later the campground is still in the family. Eddy says, "growing up here has made this place my home as well as our family business. We feel that our campers are part of our extended family, and we strive hard to make every camping experience as enjoyable as possible".

The Martin family takes a great deal of pride in offering all of their campers a warm, friendly environment filled with fun activities for all ages, encompassing beautiful surroundings, and a unique camping experience that keeps families coming back year after year.