2024 Eclipse Join us and we can all be "In the path"

2024 Eclipse Join us and we can all be "In the path"

It’s the last one for a while in North America

The 2024 total eclipse is the last one to touch North America until March 30, 2033. The only state that sees totality then will be Alaska, and the weather prospects for March in the Arctic make this one a true challenge to get into the bag.

After that, there are certainly a lot of total eclipses, but none in North America until August 23, 2044. This one is a nice “Prairie” eclipse, coming down from Arctic Canada into North Dakota. But then, the one so many people will have been waiting for: A beautiful summertime eclipse that goes over quite a few big cities, as well as a certain theme park in Central Florida which maybe you’ve heard of before…! This is the next “GREAT NORTH AMERICAN ECLIPSE”, and it will happen on August 12, 2045. Mark your calendars now, because after the big drought of “easy” eclipses, this one is sure to bring out eclipse chasers young and old, all across the United States. (Totality also touches the island of Hispaniola, as well as the northern coast of South America!)

What this means is that, unless you are prepared to travel the world, or wait out the years until these next total eclipses in North America, the time to see totality is NOW!

Totality will last a little longer this time

Because the Moon lies a little closer to the Earth during totality in 2024 (as compared to totality in 2017), it will appear just a bit larger in the sky. That means it will take the Moon a bit longer to move in its orbit across the face of the Sun. And THAT means that the 2024 eclipse will feature a longer duration of totality on the centerline!

Our length of totality here at the Leander NW Austin KOA is roughly 3 min 32 Seconds. 

We would love for you to experience this once in a lifetime event with us. We are booking our sites now and they are going fast. Be sure to call the office  512-259-7200 and one of our friendly staff members would be happy to make your reservation. 

Come experience TOTALITY at the Leander NW Austin KOA.

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