General Campground Information

Campground Tour.

Hello everyone! We offer tours of the campground Sundays after 2:00pm until Thursday at 11:00 am.
Thank you very much for your understanding and cooperation

Monthly and Seasonal sites

If you are looking for monthly sites all year round, give us a call and we may set you up. If you are looking for seasonal sites for 2022, give us a call so we can book an appointment to show you the campground and talk about possible sites.
You can contact us at 330 538 2194.

Electric Vehicles

Absolutely no charging electric vehicles on RV sites.


We provide Wi-Fi ($)
15 min trial free.
*One day $5.00
*Three days $10.00
*One week $20.00
*One month $40.00

You can choose what plan you need by connecting your phone.

We don't offer buddy sites.

The Pull Thrus are not buddy sites. All sites must face the same direction.

Cancellation Policy

  • RV/Tent: 7 days prior to scheduled arrival day is a $25.00 cancellation fee.
  • Deluxe and Premium RV site: 7 days prior to scheduled arrival day is a $25.00 cancellation fee. The select my site fee of $15.00 is non-refundable.
  • Camping Cabins, Deluxe Cabins, Glamping Safari Tents, the Wagon and Rental Trailers, and Motorhome:
    A 30 days cancellation notice applies; otherwise, the full reservation fee will be charged. One-night non-refundable payment is required.
  • NO REFUNDS on Holiday Weekends such as Memorial Day, 4th of July, or Labor Day.
  • *When you book any one of our rentals online that allows a pet, the pet fee is not included in the site fee. The office will be contacting you about charging the pet fee. 

One tent or one RV per site.

Attention campers:
You cannot place more than one tent on a site.
Rv sites cannot place tents on theirs sites.
All our rates includes 2 adults and 2 kids up to 17 years of age. If you have any question about it, please contact the office at 330 538 2194

Store Hours

Campground hours.
Sunday 9:30 am to 6:00 pm
Monday to Wednesday 2:30 pm to 6:00 pm
Thursday: 9:30 am to 6:00 pm
Friday and Saturday: 9:30 am till 7:00 pm

* Early check-in is not available on Monday and Tuesday.

Recreational Equipment Rental Information.

Life Jacket full day..................................................$   5.00 +tax (Driver's license must be left at the office)
Kayak 1 person one hour........................................$ 10.00 +tax (Driver's license must be left at the office)
Kayak 2 people one hour........................................$ 15.00 +tax (Driver's license must be left at the office)
Must be at least 12 years old to pilot
Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult. Life jackets are mandatory. 
Canoe one hour ( 2 people only)............................$ 15.00 +tax (Driver's license must be left at the office)
Must be at least 16 years old to pilot. Children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult. Life jackets are mandatory.

***To go on the water slides, you need to wear a life jacket. Feel free to bring your own life jackets or you can rent from us.

Swimming Lake, jump zone and playground area safety rules

Please make sure you and your children read the safety rules that we have placed by the swimming lake, jump zone and playground area so that everyone has a safe and fun experience.

*Swimming lake opens on Memorial Day Weekend and closes on Labor Day Weekend.

****To go on the water slides, adults and children need to wear a life jacket. Feel free to bring your own life jackets or you can rent from us.

Check-in and check-out times

Check-in 3:00 pm
Check-out 11:00 am

Firewood Policy.

You can bring your own firewood.
Firewood needs to be cut and split prior to entering the park.
No chainsaws, log splitters, machetes or axes can be used in the park.
Please be sure that your firewood is free of nails.

Golf carts.

  • We allow you to bring your golf cart to the campground.
  • There will be a daily fee of $8.50.
  • You need to bring a copy of the golf cart insurance. Without insurance you won't be allowed to drive your golf cart in the campground.
  • Anyone that is going to drive the golf cart must have a drivers license.
  • No kids can sit on your lap as you drive the golf cart.
  • 5 mph throughout the campground.

Swimming lake Hours

The swimming lake: Opens on Memorial Day Weekend - Labor Day Weekend
10:00 am to 7:00 pm
Sunday to Thursday 
10:00 am to 6:00 pm
Swim at your own risk. Children under 12 must have an adult with them at all times.

*All Children and Adults must wear a Life Jacket on the inflatables.You can bring your own or rent from us. ( See General information for price and deposit info)

Visitor Policy

All visitors must report to the office and sign in before they visit a site. A fee will be charged per visitor.

Quiet Hours

11:00 PM to 8 AM


You can take your pet to the Happy Tail Dog Park and let it off the leash so that it can have a good time. Pets are permitted at the responsibility of their owners. Pets should be kept leashed and under control. Pets that display aggressive behavior will be asked to leave. Please clean up after your pet. Pets are not allowed in the pavilions, playgrounds, bathhouse, game room, or in the swimming lake area. Pets should not be left unattended.


Please respect your neighbors by keeping conversation, radio, television, and musical instrument volume to a minimum.
The running of generators is not permitted. Please do not walk through another campsite


Please park vehicles only on the gravel on your assigned site. 2 cars per site. Sites which appear to be vacant may have a reservation and should not be used as parking.
If additional parking is needed, check with our office regarding parking areas or review map for parking areas throughout the park.


Please leave your lot clean when you leave. Dumpsters are available in designated area.
Please do not put trash in the fire pits.


Speed limit is 5 MPH. Please watch for children. No clotheslines, ropes or wires. No weapons, rifles, pellet guns, fireworks of any kind permitted.

Early Arrival/ Late Check-out.

We allow early arrivals or late check-out depending on site availability.  After 12:00 pm will apply a early check-in fee.
Early check-ins before 12:00 pm will pay a full stay rate.
Late check-out after 2:00 pm wil pay a full stay rate.

Thank you very much for your understanding and cooperation.


Please do not change your assigned site before checking with the office.