General Campground Information


Our quiet hours are 10 pm to 7 am.We ask that you respect your fellow campers .Some of our campers travel hundreds of miles daily and need their sleep.Sitting around a campfire and quietly talking is great, ..(hooting and hollering are not) and you will be required ro leave.the campground.If you run into traffic,etc and arrive later  again please think of yoru fellow campers and set up as quiety as possible.


LAKE/GEORGE- SARATOGA  KOA 's check in time is 12 NOON  Our check out time is 11 AM.If you wish to stay past noon a half/day rate may be available. the half/day rate is subject to availability. If there is a special event in the area such as the americade parade there is an area where you mey park your unit and leave it(as long as you site my 11 a.m.)this is also subject to availability.


Campfires are a part of camping.ALL campfires must be in firerings.No campfires on the ground.due to safety reasons.We sell firewood in the our camp store.It is kiln dried.You may bring your own firewood HOWEVER DEC department of environment frequently check trucks or campers with firewood at highway exits.because of the wood boar and beetles. firewood from over 50 miles needs a tag stating origin and kiln dried.PLEASE do not shoot the is not us it is dec- they do take your firewood and issue a a fine as well.


Campers enjoy relaxing under our tall pines.Friends and relatives are welcome to come and enjoy our campground.We do charge $5 for each visitor whether they are a child or adult'..Visitors are required to stop at the office for a pass and payment. Visitors are welcome 9 am-9pm After 9pm our campground is for campers only.


Our pool hours are 9.30 am to 8 pm.The NY State Dept of Health requires all children under the age of 18 to be accompanied by a parent.The parent must be on the deck area of the campgound.So please take your children to the pool even if you don't wish to swim bring your tablet or book,etc and just relax.