Fishing - Klamath Falls, Oregon, Travel Guide

Fishing - Klamath Falls, Oregon, Travel Guide

Fishing is a fun yet challenging activity that beginner and expert anglers love while staying in Klamath Falls, Oregon. Before arriving to fish your days away, ensure you understand the regulations, the types of fish you can catch and what waters are best for fishing in Klamath Falls.

Things to Know When Fishing in Klamath Falls, Oregon

You'll have a unique experience fishing in Klamath Falls. The area has many lakes and rivers you can visit to enjoy fishing. Here's everything you need to know about fishing in Southern Oregon.

Must-Know Fishing Season Information

Klamath Falls is part of the southeast Oregon area, which has standard fishing laws that anglers must observe. However, specific fishing spots may also have regulations, so ensure you check what they are before you go. Additionally, prior to fishing in the area, all anglers 12 or older must have an Oregon fishing license before throwing a line into the water.

A great feature of fishing in Klamath Falls is how most rivers, lakes and reservoirs are open year-round for fishing. While you can always fish, the best time to go fishing in Klamath Falls is between late spring and early fall. Many Oregon fish species are around more often during the warmer months.

While fishing, ensure you follow the rules about the number of fish you can catch daily, depending on the fishing spot:

  • You can only catch five trout and bass per day from lakes.
  • You're allowed to catch two trout daily from streams and rivers.
  • You can catch 25 kokanees daily from lakes.
  • You're only allowed to catch one redband trout per day.

Best Fishing Destinations Near Klamath Falls

Some of the best places to fish in Klamath Falls include:

  • Agency Lake
  • Upper Klamath Lake
  • Lake of the Woods
  • Klamath River
  • Wood River
  • Williamson River
  • Fish Lake

Fish Native to Oregon and the Klamath Falls Area

Many bodies of water in the Klamath Falls area are home to several fish species, helping anglers practice their fishing skills for various fish. Some fish native to Oregon include:

  • Redband trout
  • Rainbow trout
  • Crappie
  • Kokanee
  • Smallmouth bass
  • Yellow perch

Best Bait to Use While Fishing

Bait plays an important role in helping anglers catch the fish they want. The type of bait you use depends on the regulations and fish species you're looking to acquire:

  • Stream fishing limits anglers to artificial lures and flies.
  • A simple worm and bobber could help you catch multiple fish species in Lake of the Woods.
  • Minnows are excellent bait for crappies.

Book a Campsite at Klamath Falls KOA Journey

When you're in the area for a fishing trip, ensure you have a place to stay and recuperate before heading back out on the water. Klamath Falls KOA Journey makes the perfect base camp for your fishing adventures. Our proximity to some of the major fishing destinations in the area makes it easy for you to go fishing close by. Include reserving a campsite at Klamath Falls KOA Journey in your Oregon fishing plans!

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