Shoulder Season travel to Homer Baycrest KOA

Shoulder Season travel to Homer Baycrest KOA

Because our tourist season is so short, it is always hard to know just exactly when we will open and close each year.  It really depends on the weather and when the ground freezes or thaws.  

It's part of living in Alaska.  The huge bumps in the road in the spring come because of the ground heaving in the winter and then settling down in the spring.  The heavy rains can cause puddles that never existed before.  As our weather changes, so does life.  

While on our web site we have confirmed open and closed dates for the season.  Feel free to call and see if in the shoulder seasons we are accepting guests.  It is important that you call first, so we can get you into the sites that are open, as we do shut down most of the park when we turn off the water and when most people are gone.  If you come in the shoulder season, make sure your water tank is full.  The sewer, electric and wi-fi will work.  The office bathrooms and laundry will work also.

The views and sites open are amazing that time of year, for those that want to brave the elements.

We hope to see you in the shoulder season.  When the snow comes or no people come, we are closed for the Winter.

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