Northern Lights

Northern Lights

In the winter, I am always checking out the sky for the Northern Lights.  We are on the edge of the lights compared to northern Alaska.  From April until the end of July, as the days get longer, we miss the lights in the sky as there is only dusk.  Fireworks can't be seen on the 4th of July, so we enjoy the fireworks show on New Year's Eve.  Outdoor movies... they are called life with the sun that barely sets during the summer.

It is now August, and the sun is setting around 11pm and getting earlier each night and darkness is coming quickly back to us and the night lights with it.  Last night we chased our first set of lights in the park... the most amazing sunset.   Illiamna Volcano reveled in its majesty as the sky colors were incredibly bright and highlighted its existence.

This morning we woke up to a huge rainbow, where one end touched across the bay above Seldovia and the other end was just down the road from the park.

(The photo is not photo shopped and without filters.)

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