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Give the Gift of Camping to Your Loved Ones


This year give the gift of less 'stuff' and more experiences together at KOA in the great outdoors.  We've put together a collection of trips for all the personalities among your loved ones.  To make gift-giving easy all you have to do is (1) print the gift certificate, (2) call to make your...

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A Guide to the Best Hiking Spots at the Grand Canyon


The Grand Canyon offers breathtaking views no matter where you are in the national park. Enjoy all the sights by hiking at the Grand Canyon with your family or friends. There are many trails to traverse, ranging in various difficulty levels.Best Hikes at the Grand CanyonHere are some of the best...

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Wildlife at the Grand Canyon


The Grand Canyon is a gorgeous display of rock and desert, and it is filled with hundreds of different types of flora and fauna. Wildlife in the Grand Canyon is incredibly diverse thanks to the several ecosystems the region supports, from desert to riparian.Types of Animals at the Grand CanyonLearn...

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What Kind of Activities Can You Do at the Grand Canyon?


The Grand Canyon is a world-famous landmark and tourist attraction, and most people plan to visit this magnificent wonder at least once in their lifetime. What kind of activities can you do at the Grand Canyon? Here are some of the best to add to your itinerary.The 8 Best Grand Canyon ActivitiesAs...

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Dog-Friendly Hikes at the Grand Canyon


Can dogs hike the Grand Canyon? If you're planning a visit to this area and you take your furry friend wherever you go, this question may be on your mind.If you are searching for Grand Canyon pet-friendly hikes, you have come to the right spot! Read on for some helpful tips for hiking with pets and...

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Reminder: Arizona Does Not Observe Daylight Savings Time


As you make your travel plans, please remember that Arizona does not observes daylight savings time.  That means we are consistent with California times in the summer months and with Colorado/Nevada the rest of the year.