Staff Highlight: Todd & Rhonda

Staff Highlight:  Todd & Rhonda

Meet Todd & Rhonda!  While Todd and Rhonda call Ohio home, they have been work camping for two and a half years.   When they started work camping, their hope was to work a season at a new campground every six months and the Gaylord KOA is their 5th campground, so they are right on schedule!  Rhonda is a whiz in the office and Todd is one of the friendliest escorts at the campground!

They love to travel and have vacationed, lived, or worked in 41 states!  They make sure they hit the popular tourist spots in every new state they visit.   They enjoy hiking and exploring the outdoors, as well.  When they find time to relax, Todd enjoys tinkering with their RV and Rhonda likes to read.  They both enjoy watching football every fall. Rhonda also has a sweet side hustle making chapstick and one flavor is Bacon!

Todd & Rhonda have enjoyed the Michigan weather, lots of cool nights and warm days.  They love that the Gaylord KOA is spacious and busy, and equally love their camp site.  It is nice and long, and they backed their RV into the woods, giving them the perfect place to relax after work or hang out with neighbors and co-workers. 

Todd & Rhonda are headed to Georgia over the winter.  We thank them for a wonderful summer season in Gaylord, Michigan and wish them the very best!

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