General Campground Information

New "Additional" Vehicle Policy-Beginning 2022

Beginning with the 2022 season, we will be adopting a change in 
policy for vehicles on our campground.  Being located on only 5.5
acres, ours is a small campground.  Space is a BIG problem when 
we get busy.   Our current policy is to allow one vehicle in addition
to the camping unit per site.  For example, we allow one vehicle 
plus an RV/motor home, one vehicle plus a tent, one vehicle plus
a cabin, etc.  

Our problem happens when one guest rents a cabin or campsite 
and they become a “meeting” place for friends and family.  Please
don't get us wrong, we love friends and families getting together.
In fact we encourage it.  But if everyone drives their own car to the 
campground, this presents us with a major parking problem.  

NEW-Beginning in 2022 we will be charging $25 (flat per stay) for
each additional vehicle in addition to the one allowed per site.  
Day visitors also need a Day pass (no charge), but they need to 
leave by 10 p.m. each night and their vehicle needs to be parked 
in the overflow parking area while visiting the campground.

Please keep in mind that we really don't want the additional 
money for the additional vehicle.  The fee is to encourage guests
to car pool vs. simply having everyone with a car show up to the 

Your understanding is appreciated.

Greg and Staff

Nueva Política de Vehículos Adicionales

A partir de la temporada 2022, se adoptará un cambio en la política para los
vehículos adicionales en nuestro campamento. 

El campamento es de solo 5.5 acres, el espacio es un problema cuando 
este, está a su máxima capacidad. 

Nuestro problema se incrementa cuando un huésped recibe visita 
de amigos y familiares, por favor, no nos mal intérpretes, nos encanta que 
nuestros amigos y familias se reúnan, de hecho, lo alentamos, pero si
aumenta el problema si todos deciden conducir su propio automóvil al 

Actualmente en nuestra política se permite el acceso de un automóvil 
además de la unida rodante o casa de campaña.

Nuestra nueva política se llevará a cabo a partir de la temporada 2022, 
donde aplicaremos una tarifa de $25 dls. por cada vehículo extra además 
del permitido por el espacio alquilado. Los visitantes también necesitarán 
un pase de un día (sin cargo alguno), pero este deberá abandonar el 
campamento a más tardar 10:00 pm de cada noche y este vehículo solo 
deberá solo utilizar el estacionamiento de visitante.

Por favor tenga en cuenta que nuestro objetivo no es generar ganancia 
con el cobro del vehículo adicional, esto es solo con el propósito de animar 
a todos los visitantes a compartir el auto y controlar la cantidad de 
automóviles que están dentro del campamento.

Le agradecemos su compresión.
Se agradece su comprensión. 


Check-in / out

Check-in time is 2pm each day. We are frequently able to get you checked-in and to your site much earlier than 2pm if the site is empty. Check-out time is 11am each morning.

After Hours Check In

If you will be arriving past our store hours, We have a night registration box outside our front door.
If you open this box, there will be a envelope with the name of the reservation on it, Inside this envelope there will be a map showing where your site is and how to get there. Then you can come and register in the morning.

Deluxe Cabin Departure Checklist-Departure time 11 A.M.

1. Look under bed, sofa, shower and bath area for personal belongings.
2. Remove food from refrigerator, freezer and microwave.
3. Open windows - Open curtains
4. Take recycling bag to recycle bins and sort.
5. Take trash bags to dumpsters in front of campground.
6. RETURN key to FRONT DESK or the KEY DROP outside the front door of store.

Store Hours

Our store and game room hours vary throughout the season. In general, we are open from 8am-8pm.


We recycle glass, plastics, paper, metal cans, cardboard, batteries, and propane bottles. There are recycling bins at both of our main entrances.


Please place your non-recyclable garbage in one of our bear-proof dumpsters DURING store hours. We use bear bars to prevent bears from getting into the dumpsters.
The dumpsters are located on either side of the main entrances.

Extra Cars Per Site

All nigthly registration fees include an allowance for one vehicle. We charge for all additional vehicles. ALL vehicles must be registered with the front office BEFORE any vehicle may enter the campground.


For our registered guests, we do not charge for the use of our showers. We also rent showers to guests not staying onsite, they are $8.00 per person. We have restrooms on either side of our main office. The West Bathrooms are  "family style", each includes a private shower, sink and toilet. The east bathrooms are "dorm style". We also have a tent area bathhouse with three family style bathrooms, and dish washing stations on the end.

Deluxe Cabins Linens

We offer linens for your Deluxe Cabin only.  This includes sheets, towels, washcloths, pillows, pillow cases, and blankets.

Quiet Hours

Quiet Hours are from 10:00pm until 7:00am. Please be considerate of others.


We are a dog friendly campground and do not charge for pets kept in our guest's camping units. (RVs/Tents) We do charge a $25 cleaning fee for pets in our cabins.


We have a laundry facility Open from 6 am to 10 pm.  We have Six washers and four dryers, they are all coin operated.

Cable TV

We include cable hookups only for our full hookup sites at no extra charge.

Firepits and firewood

We have fire pits on all tent and Cabin sites. Due to the close proximity of our sites, we do not have fire pits at our RV sites. As an option for our RV'ers, we have a community fire pit just above our playground and also rent propane fire pits. These propane fire pits may be used at RV sites, since they do not cast any sparks or smoke. We sell bundles of firewood in our campground store.

Ice Cream Socials and Pancake Breakfasts

During our peak season (late June to mid August) and many other busy periods during the summer we have an ice cream social in the evenings from 7-8pm and offer an all-you-can-eat pancake breakfast mornings from 7:30-9am. What toppings would you like us to put on your ice cream? ... orrr ... Would like blueberries or chocolate chips added to your pancakes?? Yummm.

Firearms and Fireworks

Are not allowed at all. We have a zero tolerance on this issue.

Gray water

Gray water must be collected and disposed of responsibly at our dump station. We do offer onsite pumping services for $10.

Meet Your Hosts

Greg and Peri Ann Query

Welcome to Estes Park!

We've been happy campers for a long time.  Much of our family camping experiences have been in Wisconsin.  When our children became travel worthy, we made several multi-state trips to national parks. Greg was in scouting and has always loved life outdoors   Peri studied outdoor recreation and park administration in college, camped as a child with her family, and has worked in a variety of state, federal and municipal park settings.

Daugther, Jamie. worked at O'Connells Jellystone campground for two years. In 2016, she learned about campground management from the owner of Smokey Hollow Campground in Wisconsin. Jamie enjoys acting, playing Xbox, reading, bicycling, woodworking, and just being outdoors. Mark, 19, enjoys camping, Minecraft, riding bicycles, swimming, fishing, doing puzzles and eating pizza.  We are excited about our new life in Estes Park, Colorado.   Rocky Mountain National Park offers water, woods, and hills to explore for many years!