Tailgate at the University of Michigan

Tailgate at the University of Michigan

Whether watching college football is your favorite fall activity or you enjoy the festivities surrounding it, experiencing a University of Michigan football tailgate is a must when visiting the state. Tailgating is a fun way to get together with your family, friends and fellow Wolverines.

Come to Ann Arbor to experience tailgating the Michigan way.

University of Michigan Tailgating Tips

If it is your first time tailgating or it has been a while since your last Ann Arbor tailgate, knowing some tips beforehand can help ensure you are prepared to have fun before the game. Here are some tips you can follow to tailgate a Michigan game.

When to Tailgate

Tailgating is a big event for many colleges. People like to tailgate for at least a few hours — if not more — before the game. For many, arriving to set up and begin tailgating depends on the game's start time. If a game starts at noon, some tailgaters could begin lining up around 7 a.m. to claim a decent parking spot and begin the festivities around 8 a.m. For games later in the afternoon, tailgaters may arrive three to four hours before to enjoy partying.

The best way to ensure you have plenty of time to tailgate is by arriving early.

Where to Tailgate

Knowing where to tailgate in Ann Arbor can help you secure the best spot to host an unforgettable experience. The university keeps track of available parking lots around the campus for people to park in for the game. Besides the lots at the stadium and on campus, tailgaters can park in other areas, like the Pioneer High School, golf courses and more. Tailgaters from out-of-town will often reserve a spot with Detroit/Ann Arbor KOA to tailgate the game.

Many lots may require a permit, prepayment or day-of payment.

What to Bring

Now that you know when and where to tailgate, it is time to decide what to bring. Tailgating is all about having fun with others while you eat, drink, chat and play games. You will likely tailgate for at least a couple of hours, so ensure you bring items like:

  • Coolers filled with drinks and food.
  • Folding chairs.
  • A folding table.
  • Lawn games.
  • Pop-up awnings.

Some lots may even let you bring a propane grill if you plan to cook or heat a meal while tailgating. Make sure you also have plenty of Michigan gear to show your support for the team during the festivities and game.

Stay at Detroit / Ann Arbor KOA Holiday

Stay with Detroit / Ann Arbor KOA Holiday, a campground near the University of Michigan, the next time you tailgate a football game. Our KOA Campground is close to the campus, making it easy for you to arrive early for tailgating.

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