Important Information to Know

Important Information to Know

May 28, 2020

We are living and camping in unprecedented times.  Phrases like "Social Distancing", seem like an oxymoron but have become meaningful and commonplace.  In an effort to maintain the health and well-being of our guests and staff we are continuously reviewing best practices and implementing new ways of performing our duties as the Executive Orders have been and continue to be revised.  

During the Statewide & National Emergency we have been able to provide essential services consistent with the state and federal guidelines to assist critical infrastructure workers such as gas, pipeline and power plant employees, medical personnel, full-time RVers needing a place to "hunker down", those quarantining themselves from family due to work, Michigan residents who determine their travel meets the guidelines under the most updated EO, and those otherwise needy individuals needing a place to stay on their way to their primary residence.  

The following practices have been implemented to reduce guest-to-guest; staff-to-guest; and staff-to-staff contact:

- Guest traveling with their own unit, their own tent or in need of accommodations may reserve.   When reserving, Guests must evaluate whether they qualify for one of the 21 exceptions permitted under Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer's Executive Order 2020-99, such as if they are critical infrastructure workers, i.e. utility workers, medical personnel, otherwise "needy" individuals (snowbirds traveling back home), those passing through; full time RVers, individuals seeking to self-isolate, individuals caring for a sick relative, or anyone seeking to "engage in outdoor recreational activity, consistent with remaining 6 feet apart from people outside of an individual's immediate household. 

- All reservations are paid in full at the time the reservation is made.

- Plexiglass barriers have been installed inside the office at all computer stations

- Remote or Curbside Check-in is available to allow guests to stay in their vehicle and be guided directly to their site eliminating unnecessary congestion or interaction in the office area if they so choose.

- Take out food can be ordered over the phone, or through our texting app, added to the site charges and delivered to the site with a "no-contact delivery" or picked up by appointment.  Menu consistently offers a variety of hot and cold coffee drinks from our espresso bar, breakfast sandwiches and fresh, made-to-order pizza (this includes breakfast pizza), pretzels, nachos and wings.  Check with office on updated cafe hours. 

- Directional arrows have been added in the office entrance and exit areas to reduce the guest-to-guest contact. 

- Hand sanitizer stations have been added in multiple locations throughout the main building and bathhouses.

-  Essential groceries, RV supplies and firewood can be ordered over the phone and delivered to the site with a "no-contact" delivery.  Credit card must be on file to charge.  

- Propane is available for purchase for tanks and RV's.

- Laundry facilities are available by appointment.  Please call the office 24 hrs ahead of time to secure a time, one person at a time is allowed.

- Non-registered guests/outside visitors will NOT be allowed

- We are enforcing our normal restriction of NO MORE than 6 people/site of the same household 

- There will be no staff led activities

- Bathhouses are open with enhanced cleaning schedule  

- While onsite, guests may engage in walking through our 30 acres of woods, catch-n-release fishing with their own equipment, and biking around the park and other on-site outdoor recreation consistent with staying 6ft apart from individuals not within your household.  Nearby are walking/biking trails as well.

- Guests ARE EXPECTED to maintain social distancing guidelines with those who are not of their immediate household. 

- Guests who may need to enter the office are highly encouraged to wear a cloth type mask as it is an enclosed space per the revised executive order.  No more than 6 guests in the office at any given time, children must be accompanied by an adult.  

Guidelines may be modified at the managements discretion based on updated information.

We desire to provide an atmosphere that is consistent with federal and state guidelines as it relates to Social Distancing.  These guidelines are in effect until June 12, 2020.

We appreciate your cooperation and attention to these guidelines as we partner with you to assist in maintaining the health and well-being of our staff and guests. 

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