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5 Tips for Hiking With Your Dog

5 Tips for Hiking With Your Dog

5 Tips for Hiking With Your Dog

Hiking is a great way to get some fresh air, exercise and spend time with your dog. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced hiker, these five tips will show you how to hike with your dog and help you both have a great time on the trail.

1. Prepare for Weather and Terrain

Before you go on your first hike with your dog, check the weather prediction to see if it is safe to take your dog hiking. Choose a shady route during the hot season and stay inside when the temperature dips too low. Wear waterproof clothes and avoid river crossings when you see rain in the forecast. 

2. Choose a Route Your Dog Can Manage

Consider your dog's condition when choosing a route as it determines how far you can take your dog hiking in a day. Avoid choosing trails that are too long or challenging to ensure your dog stays happy and healthy on the trail. If your dog is overweight or has any health issues, you should select a path that will allow frequent stops to rest and stretch. Remember that even though you may be used to walking long distances, your dog might not be! 

3. Bring a First Aid Kit

Accidents can happen even if you are just out for a quick hike and you know your dog is in good shape. Your dog could get cut on a tree branch or step on a sharp rock. First aid kits are available online and at most pet stores. You can even make your own — make sure to include bandages, gauze, tweezers and scissors, antibacterial ointment and other items that might be useful in an emergency. Store the kit in an easily accessible place to grab it when needed. 

4. Leave No Trace

This hiking and backpacking philosophy encourages hikers to pack out all their trash and minimize their environmental impact. To help you stay on track with this goal, we recommend bringing doggie bags to dispose of pet waste responsibly.

5. Bring the Appropriate Gear

What should you bring on a hike with your dog? This list can help you plan: 

  1. Collar with ID tags: Keep your beloved pup safe by ensuring their collar has identification tags with up-to-date information in case you get separated on the trail. 
  2. Dog food or snacks: Pack some snacks for your furry friend so they can stay energized during walks through nature.
  3. Sturdy leash: Keep your pet leashed at all times to prevent them from running off into the woods or getting into trouble with wildlife.
  4. Water and a drinking vessel: Dogs can quickly get dehydrated with physical exertion. Ensure you bring enough water for both of you for the hike out and back.
  5. Poop bags: Fecal matter can spread disease, damage plants and wildlife habitats and make the environment less enjoyable for everyone using it. To avoid these problems and keep your hike pleasant for you and your canine companion, have some poop bags on hand when you leave home.
  6. First aid kit: You should always carry a first aid kit when traveling with your dog, just in case anything happens while hiking.
  7. Pet-safe insect repellent: Make sure any insect repellent you use on yourself will not harm your pet.
  8. Dog booties for rugged terrain: When hiking rough terrain, consider booties for your dog's paws to protect their feet from sharp rocks and sticks.

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