Relax in nature... ahhhhhhhhh

Relax in nature... ahhhhhhhhh

When it comes to our human need for connection to the natural world, a lot of people are now looking to camping as a way to escape the concrete jungle that pays the bills. We've come to understand that wide-open spaces, forest trails, the sound of water flowing, and the laughter of children safely playing in the streets, are what keep us sane, healthy and at ease in our lives. When you and your loved ones are at our Camping Village, rest assured that there is no to-do list.

Perking up coffee on the campfire, reading a book by the lake, or taking an easy stroll over our boardwalk bridge, are just a few of the stress-reducing activities that can calm your mind and feed your soul. When you make the decision to get away from the hustle of everyday life, you are investing in quality time to unwind, reconnect, and recharge in the natural Chocorua River environment of mountains and trees. 

Want some adult time to yourself? Send the kids to engage in our daily recreational activities. 

Desire time to clear your brain clutter and perhaps catch a fish for dinner? Jump in a kayak and paddle to your heart's content. 

Looking to explore a true New England country town? Bike or drive a few miles down the road and check out the Tamworth fire tower, the renowned Tamworth Distillery, or let the children delight in the baby animals at Remick's Country Doctor and Farm Museum. 

Close to everything with no schedule to uphold. Smiles on faces in clean, wholesome spaces. Priceless. If you haven't camped or lodged with us before, give us a call and book your piece of woodland paradise. If you are a returning guest, welcome back! We are so happy to have you in our camping community.

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