Adventures for your Furry Family!

Adventures for your Furry Family!

Our family-owned and operated park cares a great deal about our four-legged kin. We value the companionship and honest love our fur babies give us happily, with the wag of a tail. As a pet adoring community of Chocorua Camping Village KOA, we are committed to maintaining and enhancing our facilities ensuring all your family members will be included in the outdoor fun. We have over 5 miles of woodland and riverside trails, well marked and map guided, to give you and your pup plenty of forest air and exercise. 

At the entrance of the pine needle pathway is our Dog Beach. Paddling around the cool waters and fetching sticks in the Chocorua River are a dog's delight, and sure to make you laugh at their joyous romping. One of our most interesting canine aspects is the 15,000 sq. foot fenced Dog Park which has a full-size AKC Agility course and Doggie Day - Care kennels. 

If you want to go off for the day, we will have a buddy stay with your pup and allow them to play in the park. Dates of availability and Day - Care prices can be found at 

When your favorite camping canine begs you to make a reservation here at CCV, be our guest! We have tenting, Pop - Up and RV sites as well as pet-friendly cabins and plenty of treats! When making plans to bring your furry pal, here are a few things to consider: 

• Bring updated Rabies and Kennel Cough vaccination paperwork

• Please keep pets on leash. Dog Park and Dog Beach are leash-free, at discretion. 

• Clean up after your dog. Baggies are available at stations throughout the park

• Do not leave a dog unattended at a campsite

• If your dog has a loud and boisterous personality, please do not bring it to entertainment functions

• Please control barking; your neighbors are here to relax

• Keep dogs off the beach and out of public buildings. ( State law. ) 

• If you have a pet of the following breeds: Rottweiler, Pitbull, any mix of those breeds, or an aggressive dog of any breed, we recommend a nearby kennel. 

Camping with pets can be a satisfying, relaxing, and memorable experience. We hope you and your fur family will join us for a wagging - tail happy outdoor vacation at our Chocorua Camping Village. See you soon!

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