A Look at Pointe-Au-Père Maritime Historic Site

A Look at Pointe-Au-Père Maritime Historic Site

The Pointe-au-Père Maritime Historic Site offers the unique opportunity for visitors to enjoy three attractions in one place in Rimouski, Quebec, Canada. Take a look at the Pointe-au-Père Maritime Historic Site by experiencing the Onondaga Submarine, the Empress of Ireland and the Pointe-au-Père Lighthouse.

1. Onondaga Submarine at Pointe-au-Père Maritime Historic Site

Start your Pointe-au-Père Maritime Historic Site journey by traveling back in time on the famous Onondaga Submarine. Climb aboard a 90-metre (300-foot) submarine and experience the day-to-day life of over 60 mariners who called the undersea vessel home for months.

The Onondaga is the first submarine open to the public in Canada, which makes the English or French audio tour of the vessel, its engine room, sonar and torpedo rooms and engine rooms even more exceptional.

Other notable interactions at Onondaga Submarine include:

  • Staying on the submarine: Stay overnight on the ship — roleplay as a crew member participating in interactive games (French only).
  • Taking the Superpowers of the Onondaga tour: Explore the submarine's various systems with a tablet and interactive games in an outdoor adventure.

2. The Empress of Ireland Museum at Pointe-au-Père Maritime Historic Site

Immerse yourself in Canada's worst maritime disaster with the Empress of Ireland: The Story Continues exhibition. Travel back in time, starting with the shipwreck, then its historic and tragic sinking in 1914 and its construction in 1906. The reverse chronological experience allows you to view more than 200 real-life artefacts of the wreckage, historical photos and video accounts. 

3. The Pointe-au-Père Lighthouse 

Discover over a century's history at this iconic lighthouse — one of the highest in Canada. In 1909, the lighthouse was established, and its prism still stands. Learn many interesting facts about the structure at its foot during a guided tour and view the Beacons Burning Bright exhibition, which displays models of St. Lawrence's lighthouses. Explore the foghorn shed to find out about the horn sounds that helped mariners safely navigate their way home.

Pointe-au-Père Maritime Historic Site Important Information

Visiting the Pointe-au-Père Maritime Historic Site is undeniably a unique experience. Some additional information to take note of:

  • Opening dates and times: The site is open from June 11 to September 5 from 9 a.m.-6 p.m. and  September 6 to October 10 from 9 p.m.-5 p.m. In addition to these dates, the Empress of Ireland Museum is open Thursday-Sunday from February 23 to June 10 from 9 a.m.-4:30 p.m.
  • Costs: Fees are applicable, and the site accepts cards and cash.
  • Facilities: The site has a playground, picnic area, boutique, restaurant and free parking. 
  • Location: Take Route 132 or exit 621, then Avenue du Père-Nouvel heading toward St. Lawrence.

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