Best Activities while Camping in Bakersfield, CA!

Best Activities while Camping in Bakersfield, CA!

There's more to Bakersfield than meets the eye!

The city of Bakersfield is located in the southern part of California. It has a population of about 642,000 people and is the third-largest city in the state. The city offers many opportunities for outdoor activities such as camping and hiking, but it also has many facilities for outdoor enthusiasts such as wildlife sanctuaries, nature parks, and scenic vistas. One particular place that deserves a special mention is Lake Ming, which is a reservoir formed by damming up the Kern River and can be found in central Bakersfield.

Lake Ming boasts all kinds of activities one could possibly imagine including boating, water skiing, fishing from boat docks or even fishing from remote islands. There are also plenty of nature trails around the lake which offer hiking opportunities to hikers who are interested in enjoying the beautiful scenery that surrounds them while walking through the forested mountains surrounding them.

There's more to Bakersfield than meets the eye!

Bakersfield is a great place to visit. You can enjoy all the fun activities that are available in this city, and it's just as good for camping as it is for sightseeing!

The KOA Journey in Bakersfield offers a wide range of amenities for you to enjoy during your stay. We have RV sites with full hookups or tent camping options if you prefer something more rustic. Whatever type of camping you choose, we want everyone who visits our campground to feel right at home here!

Take a Hike on the Kern River Parkway Trail

The Kern River Parkway Trail is a 5.5-mile loop that is rated as easy to moderate. It's open to dogs, but they must be on a leash. The trail follows the river through grasslands and oak woodlands, passing by several waterfalls along the way.

You can access this trail from two locations in Kernville: Ivy Creek Campground or just south of the Bakersfield College campus (behind the college).

Travel north to Sequoia National Forest

If you're looking for more adventure, head north to Sequoia National Forest. There are tons of hiking trails and fishing areas in this area as well. If you have a boat or kayak, bring them along!

The best part of camping in Bakersfield is that you can explore all sorts of different places without having to travel far from home!

Spend the Day at Lake Ming

If you're looking for a place to spend the day with your family, Lake Ming is one of the best options. Located in the Sequoia National Forest, this beautiful lake is surrounded by mountains and has a lot of hiking trails on its shores. It's also home to an amazing beach that can be reached by boat launch or walkable path from one of its several parking spots (the park has many). There are picnic tables at both ends so you can enjoy a nice meal with friends and family while watching birds fly overhead or taking in some sunsets over the lake!

Get-away Today!

If you're looking for a fun weekend away, camping in Bakersfield, CA is the perfect option! There are so many activities to do while camping that you'll never run out of things to do. From hiking and biking trails at Whiskey Flats to fishing at Lake Ming, there are plenty of places around town where you can go and enjoy nature while still having access to all the comforts of home. Ready to explore the great outdoors? Book your stay at Bakersfield KOA today and turn these exciting activities into cherished memories!

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