Update, new casino and AI

Update, new casino and AI

Recently Sandy's Casino was opened literally 15 minutes from our campground. This is part of a horse race track which is being build right next to it. The casino offers various gaming activities as well as big screen sports. For more information go to Sandysgaming.com.  

This is big for our area. Even though Kentucky is well known for horse racing, the closest we were to this exciting sport, is about two hours away near Lexington, KY. 

In the same complex Malibu Jacks was opened in 2022. Malibu Jacks offers many activities for kids and adults alike. A bowling alley,  roller coaster rides and mini golf are all in the same complex. https://www.malibujacks.net/ashland/home

What about AI (Artificial Intelligence)?  In the past year we have heard a lot about AI. Now on the KOA home page (KOA.com), in the top bar, you will see an AI menu. I have been experimenting with it a little bit to see how useful it is at this stage. AI is if course something that is being developed at a rapid pace and has been in the news a lot. I asked it a question: "What is a good campground in Eastern Kentucky?". It did come with the correct answer! 

"Hello Bobby T! One of the KOA campgrounds in Eastern Kentucky is the Ashland / Huntington West KOA Holiday located at 80 KOA Lane, Argillite, KY, United States, 41121. You can find more information about this campground on their website."

One great attraction close to our campground is Carter Caves. On our Home page you will see it listed under local attractions. They have constant tours with tour guides throughout the year. It is very exciting and educational, both for youngsters and adults alike. I wanted to know how these caves came about, so I asked AI. Here is what it says which is very informative: 

"The formation of Carter Caves, like many other cave systems, is a result of water erosion over millions of years. The process typically begins with water seeping into the ground and flowing through the limestone bedrock. Over time, the water wears away the limestone, creating a vast network of underground rooms, rivers, and sinkholes. This process of water erosion and limestone dissolution is common in the formation of caves and is known as karst topography."

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