Camping with your furry friends!

Camping with your furry friends!
  • Pet photos - We recommend printing out photos of your pet before take-off; that way, god-forbid your furry companion gets lost, you have photos of what they look like to hang around camp.

  • Food - Be sure to bring their favorite food and treats and bring more than you think you'll need. Keep the food and treats in food-safe, air-tight containers to keep them from going bad.

  • Research venue - Know your whereabouts and the pet policies, if there are any. Make sure you know your surroundings for your pet, just as much as you would want to know for yourself.

  • Collapsible food and water bowls - These come in handy more than you could imagine! We use ours not just when camping, but anytime we are out and about. It's just a very convenient way to feed your pet on the go. 

  • Collar with I.D. Tags -  So important to be sure your pet's collar and I.D. are up to date. Especially when you are headed to an unfamiliar place, you don't have the comfort of your usual neighbors and friends knowing who your pet is, so this is ultra important to check off your list before traveling anywhere. 

  • Warmth- If traveling somewhere where it might get chilly, they sell pet sleeping bags on Amazon. Also, be sure to bring a cozy bed or your pup's favorite blanket.

  • First Aid - We commonly think of first aid for humans, but don't forget about your animals! 

  • Tracker - These can be kind of on the pricier end but are worth their weight in gold. If you want a cheaper option or "hack," we'll usually attach a tile to our pup's I.D. collar while we're away. 

  • Know your Nearest Vet - Familiarize yourself with the nearest vet in case of an emergency. It's peace of mind you'll be glad you have if something were to happen. 

  • Leash - This is a no-brainer, but chances are there will be hiking or places you'll want to post up. Be sure to have a good leash for those long walks or to tie up your furry friend. 

  • Shampoo - Bring your pet shampoo! Chances are your animal is going to need at least one bath while camping, especially since they tend to get a lot dirtier than they would at home.

  • Shady Space- overheating isn't a joke, and if you are headed somewhere with harsh sun or where it's going to get overly warm, make sure you have a shade set up or tent where your pet can retreat.

  • Toys - Bring lots of entertainment, especially if it's a long road trip. Our pets are like children, and they need just as much attention! Are we there yet?! 

  • Doggy Bags - These are just good to have, especially if you're staying on a proper campsite. I recommend the ones that clip onto the leash, so you're never without a proper clean-up. 

  • Sickness Remedies - Who said animals don't get motion sickness too? Do a little research or ask your primary vet what the best remedies are for different conditions…motion, altitude, etc. 

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