General Campground Information

Check-in and Out times

Check in: 3:00 PM

*Please register with the office prior to entering the park. After registration, park in your assigned site only. $10 charge for early check-in but requests should be made prior to arrival to ensure the site will be ready. Due to current occupancy and site maintenance, it may not be possible to honor these requests. No Check-ins prior to 1:00pm, no exceptions. Checkout is at 11:00 AM and prior guests need space to get out of the campground.

*Late check in: If you arrive after our regular office hours, you will have a late arrival package located in our after hours registration area.  Just go to your site and come to the office/store before 10AM the following day to complete the registration process.  If arriving during quiet hours (10:00PM - 7 AM), please keep all noise to a minimum so you do not disturb your sleeping neighbors.

Check out: 11:00 AM

*Please register prior to 10:00 AM for additional days and late check-out (RV and tent sites only). Rates available for late check out, but due to in coming occupancy and site maintenance, it may not be possible to honor these requests. Check outs after 1:00 PM will be charged for a full night's stay.

*Management reserves the right to change these times

General Store

Whether you are looking for that perfect gift, additional supplies for your RV, Firewood, Ice, tent stakes, s'more supplies, food or any other item you may have forgotten or just remembered you need, you can find it in our store! Great, refreshing finds at fair prices! Make Winthrop KOA Store your next shopping destination!

*Posted hours are subject to change without notice.

Visitor Policy

Visitor hours - 9:00 AM - 9:00 PM 
All visitors to your site must check in with the office prior to entering the campground and pay a $10 fee.
Visitors will receive a parking pass for the day and for certain weekends, a wristband. The number of visitors and vehicles allowed per campsite may be restricted during certain times, please check with the registration office for the visitor policy for your particular stay.


Parking passes must be visible at all times while on the campground.

All vehicles must register their plates with the office and pick up a car pass. 

Rates include one vehicle per campsite.

If you need to bring additional vehicles, there is an extra charge per day added to your stay. Contact the office for extra vehicle rates and parking locations.

Park within your assigned site only.

*Sites that appear vacant may have a reservation and should not be used as parking.

For groups, consider purchasing enough campsites to not only accommodate the number of people but also for your equipment.

Follow all posted traffic signs.

Speed limit is 5 mph

Wristbands and Car Passes

Wristbands and car passes are provided to identify you as a registered guest and must be worn or displayed at all times. Access to the park, amenities, and any activities could be revoked if wristbands and car passes are not visible.

There is a charge to replace a wristband or car passes. The office will replace a worn or damaged wristband/car passes free of charge if you return the old one.


We allow wood fires in designated fire pits at certain sites. Sites along the south end of the campground do not have fire pits due to fire code restrictions. There is a cooktop in the pavilion if you need a place to cook if you reserved one of these sites. Burning of ground rubbish and moving fire pits is strictly prohibited. Fire policy is subject to change due to burn ban. During burn bans, propane fires are allowed but wood and charcoal are strictly prohibited. All burn bans are regulated by Okanogan County and enforced by KOA staff and the Winthrop Fire Department. 
*Fire bans may occur throughout the season due to current weather conditions

Wildlife and Insects

The Methow Valley campground is home to several types of wildlife and insects. Depending on the time of year you may spot an eagle or hawk in the trees. If you are lucky, you can see a deer or turkey wandering through the campground. Please refrain from directly or indirectly feeding or touching them. The staff checks for the less desirable pests around the campground daily, however if you find something that needs our attention please alert the staff immediately. Please do your part by not leaving out food or garbage.

Cancellation Policy

If you need to cancel your reservation, you must call or email the campground before the deadlines listed below to receive your deposit refund, minus a $10 cancellation fee. Not calling to cancel/no show will result in forfeiture of the entire deposit.

RV & Tent Sites: 48 hours cancellation notice is required. Notify your KOA by 4 p.m. two days before your scheduled arrival.

Camping Cabins: 7 days cancellation notice required. Please notify your KOA one week before your scheduled arrival.

Deluxe Cabins & Unique Accommodations (RV rental, Conestoga Wagons): 7 days cancellation notice required. Please notify your KOA one week prior to your scheduled arrival. 

Reservations made after these deadlines require nonrefundable deposits. Cancellations made after deadlines will result in forfeiture of all deposits.

Holidays and special events may have special deposit and/or cancellation requirements. Special conditions may apply during high-demand periods and special events. Please check with your selected KOA for details.


We love our furry friends! They must be on a visible leash when out side your camping unit. Kamp K-9 is a fenced area for you to give your furry friend some leash free time. 

Be a good neighbor and always pick up after your pets and dispose of the waste properly so others don't step in the waste.

Do not bring pets that are aggressive towards other pets and people. Any pet showing aggression may be asked to be removed from the campground. Please do not leave your pet alone on the site. 

Pets are not permitted in the children's playground or in the pool area,

Specific Site Requests

If you would like a specific site number there is a $25 "KOA Select My Site Fee" feature available in the booking system. To take advantage of this feature, please mention this at the time of making your reservation. "KOA Select My Site" is also available online under the red "Reserve" button in the booking process. If you do not use the Site Guarantee, WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO MOVE RESERVATIONS AS NEEDED up until your time of arrival. The TYPE of site you reserve is automatically guaranteed even if you do not pay a Site Guarantee Fee.
Contact the office during regular business hours to set up any Group Block Reservations.


All rates quoted are subject to change until the reservation is made and deposit paid.
All of our base rates include 2 people and 1 vehicle.

Additional Guests Fee: $10+tax charge per person per night.

Pets in cabins fee: one time fee of $25.00.  (Unfortunately pets are not allowed in Covered Wagons) 

Extra vehicles are subject to a charge per vehicle in an effort to prevent overcrowding throughout the facility.

No Tents or RVs on Cabin sites.

With the exception of the Economy sites, most tent sites allow a maximum of 3 tents and 6 people.

Site Occupancy

All guests must be registered and accounted for at the time of check-in. Fire code states occupancy standards must be followed. Occupancy limits are dependent on the site, which are found on the site type description during the booking process. If your group is larger than the listed occupancy, consider booking additional sites. The site occupancies are firm and cannot be negotiated. Please call the office if you are unsure of a site's occupancy.

One vehicle per site, additional vehicles are subject to an extra fee and asked to park in the overflow parking. Contact the front desk about additional parking and additional person fees.


We have a variety of activities for families to enjoy. See the office for current activities.
Children and teens must be supervised at ALL times. Ensure your children are aware of the campground rules and etiquette.

Quiet hours

Quiet hours: 10:00 PM - 7:00 AM - Quiet hours are from 10pm-7am in accordance with the city of Winthrop Ordinance. Turn off outside TV, Music, and generators as those items can echo throughout the campground. Noise complaints should be directed to the after hours number. Please note that our facility has sites that can be located in close proximity to each other and being respectful of your neighbor is an important part of camping.

*Everyone likes to have a good time but violators of quiet hours will be reminded to keep their voices down and possibly asked to leave the campground depending on the severity.

Restrooms and Showers

For Registered Guest Use Only

We intend to keep our restrooms clean. Your help in this area would be sincerely appreciated. We are on a septic system so please assist us by not letting water run unnecessarily.

Please do not wash dishes in restroom. A sink is located in the laundry room and in the Pavilion to wash dishes.

There are several restrooms located around the campground, but please be considerate of others and keep your time in bathroom to a minimum.

Contact the office immediately if you observe anything that needs our attention.

Jumping Pad and Playground

Please follow posted rules and play at your own risk.  Children must be supervised at all times by a parent or guardian. Playground closes at Dusk or at 10pm, whichever comes first.

Bikes and Scooters

There are miles of trails throughout the Methow Valley for a variety of skill sets. Bikes and scooters are welcome on the campground but must adhere to posted speed limit signs, kept on the roads only and not ridden on the sidewalks or on the grass.

Swimming Pool Information

For registered guests only.

The heated pool is open from approximately mid-May to September. This may vary due to weather conditions or for any repairs or updates.

The pool will close for lightening/thunder storms. The pool will reopen 30 minutes after threat has passed.

No Pets in pool area.

Follow all posted rules and safety signs.

Posted pool hours are subject to change.

River Access

*For registered guests only.

River access for general guest use is found just north of tent site T-6, see front desk if you are unsure of the location.   

Please refrain from using other people's tent sites to gain river access.

Swim at your own risk.


On certain days, complimentary shuttle service is available for registered guests to ride to specific locations within Winthrop. Please see the office for schedule of times and drop off locations. Space is limited so please contact the office during your stay to schedule your trip.

Methow in Motion is available in the valley for trips to surrounding areas and is available at any time of day. See their website for addition information. Methow in Motion

WiFi - Complimentary

There is no fiber in the Methow Valley, so the campground WiFi strength is dependent on the number of people using it at any given time.

Streaming movies, videos and downloading large files will cause the whole system to slow down, so consider downloading them prior to arrival.

The staff does not control the internet speed, however, the staff is more than happy to provide you with the current password.

If you need a secure internet connection, there is a Co-Working Drop Zone in town that can provide you with an internet connection for a fee.

Cabin Linens

With the exception of the deluxe cabins with bathrooms and the wagons, you must bring your own linens.

Garbage/Dumpster Use

Due to local wildlife, please do not leave garbage left out. Dumpsters are available for registered guest use only. Please see office for location. 

Dumpster space is limited so please refrain from dumping items eligible for donation, consider taking items to nearest 2nd hand/thrift store.

Prohibited items: wet paint, oily liquids, asbestos, sealed tanks/drums, electronics (e-waste), tires and furniture.

Gray and Black Water Dumping

Contact office if you need directions to the dump station. Gray and black water tank dumping is only allowed at the full hook up sites and in the sewer dump area at the southwest part of the campground. Dumping is also only allowed in the sewer pipes. Dumping black or gray water on the ground is illegal and is subject to fines from the campground and the local health department.


Alcohol is permitted by legal drinking aged adults only. If you must leave your site with your beverage in hand, it must be covered. Per state law, no open beverages are allowed in the store. Your cooperation is appreciated. 

Drunk, loud, obnoxious behavior, or fighting is never tolerated.


Please follow all Washington State laws regarding smoking. Smoking and candle use are strictly prohibited in any building, including the cabins and wagons. Violations will result in a hefty fine.

Campground Etiquette

Please be a good neighbor and refrain from walking through other occupied campsites, keep music and TV volumes at a level that doesn't disturb others.

Respect quiet hours (10PM - 7AM).

Do not display any political or other offensive materials for other campers to see.

Please be considerate of your fellow campers and limit your time in the bathrooms and showers.

Teach your children camping etiquette.

Remember to have fun!

*Violence, illegal, drunken, or obnoxious behavior are not tolerated, violators will be asked to leave the campground and permanently banned from the campground.


Refunds or discounts after check in will not be given for voluntary departure, eviction, acts of God or removal by law enforcement. KOA policy states: if you are not completely satisfied with our facilities within the first hour of your stay and you wish to leave, you are entitled to a refund. Sorry, no refunds or discounts after the first hour.

After Hours Emergency

For fire, medical or criminal activity call 911.

For campground related emergencies after regular store hours, contact (360) 826-0464. This number is for emergencies only and not for issues that can be addressed during normal office hours.

Meet Your Hosts

Joshua Randall

Welcome to Winthrop/N. Cascades National Park KOA!

Josh joined the KOA family through the GMIT program. The program has allowed Josh to gain a wealth of knowledge & experience by working for several of our locations. Josh has worked in Virginia Beach, St. Petersburg, Thompson / Grand River Valley, Rockport, and Nashville!

Before KOA, Josh worked in the hotel industry for over 15 years and attended FullSail University in Winter Park, FL. Josh was an Assistant General Manager for a Fairfield Marriot in Texas before he decided it was time for a change. He read about KOA on LinkedIn, and the rest is history! Josh has been enjoying his KOA journey ever since.

Some fun facts about Josh: Josh has worked on and off as a Paralegal for his Family's Law Firm for over ten years. He plays the saxophone and the piano and has a passion for art. Josh completed his first cycling marathon on the Pinellas Bike Trail during his training in St. Pete! Josh's daughter's first real job was at the KOA in St. Petersburg, FL. Admittedly, Josh gained 15 lbs. when working at the Virginia Beach KOA – he wishes he had never been introduced to the Huddle House!