Meet the Species of Lion Country Safari in West Palm Beach

Meet the Species of Lion Country Safari in West Palm Beach

The animals and wildlife in West Palm Beach, Florida, play a special part in the environment and the joy locals and visitors feel while in the area. When you want to learn about diverse, wild animals, pay Lion Country Safari in West Palm Beach a visit. The drive-through safari and adventure park has about 90 different animal species to see.  

Stay at West Palm Beach / Lion Country Safari KOA Journey for easy access to the safari and park and discounted admission. The KOA Campground is adjacent to Lion Country Safari, so you can hear the lions roar right from your campsite!

Animals You Could See on the Drive-Through Safari

You and your family will love driving along the four-mile safari to see various animals throughout the Lion Country Safari's seven main habitats, named after places the animals are typically found in:

  • Gorongosa Reserve
  • Las Pampas
  • Ruaha National Park
  • Kalahari Bushveldt
  • Gir Forest
  • Serengeti Plains
  • Hwange National Park

The habitats give the animals a place to live and roam freely. Some animals you could see during your safari drive include:


While driving through the Gorongosa Reserve, you could see the mighty African lion. These big cats may be lounging, or you might catch them when they are more active (mornings, rainy days and cooler days are some of the best times to see them at their most active). 

African lions are from Central Africa and live in prides, consisting of one to three males and a dozen or so females and their cubs.


You'll see one of the largest herds of giraffe in the country toward the end of the drive, including the two new baby giraffes recently born at the end of December 2022, within less than a week of each other. The eldest of the two calves is a male named Kandoro, and the newer male calf is Kianga.

Giraffes are the tallest land mammal in the world and have long tongues that can extend up to 15 inches.


You could also see all or some of the 16 white rhinos moving about their habitat. At the beginning of August 2022, a rhino calf was born, making it the third calf within less than a year. Three calves born in less than a year is rare but impressive for the safari.

White rhinos have a life expectancy of up to 40 years and can weigh up to 2.5 tons (2300kg).


Chimpanzees are another species you could see during the safari. Lion Country Safari has around 17 chimpanzees that call the safari home. With their population declining across Africa, chimpanzees are listed as critically endangered.

If you love chimpanzees, be sure to keep an eye out for the event “Christmas with the Chimps,” which occurs yearly during the holidays at Lion Country Safari. The event is the only time guests can get out of their vehicles to see the chimpanzees up close.


Another species with a recent baby added to its herd, or dazzle, are the zebras at Lion Country Safari. With about 60 zebras, Lion Country Safari is home to the largest dazzle of zebras in the United States. Like fingerprints are unique to individuals, a zebra's stripes are unique to each animal.

You and your family could try and see how many different stripe variations you see while driving through the zebras' habitat.

Stay at West Palm Beach / Lion Country Safari KOA Journey

Experience the different species of Lion Country Safari while camping at West Palm Beach / Lion Country Safari KOA Journey. With the park so close to the campground, you can make your way over at your convenience.

Start planning your trip to the Lion Country Safari by booking a campsite at West Palm Beach / Lion Country Safari KOA Journey today!

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