Hiking in West Palm Beach

Hiking in West Palm Beach

West Palm Beach is a beautiful city with great opportunities to explore the outdoors. Whether you prefer a leisurely stroll through one of the parks or a more challenging trek, you can find your dream trail in Palm Beach County.

5 Unmissable Hiking Trails Near West Palm Beach

Whether you're a nature lover or just a casual hiker, there are plenty of outdoor things to do in West Palm Beach. We've put together a list of our favorite local hiking trails so you can get out there and enjoy the beautiful Florida weather.

1. Okeeheelee Nature Trail

The Okeeheelee Nature Trail is a 2.5-mile easy loop through the 1,700-acre Okeeheelee Park in Palm Beach County, Florida. This easy-access trail winds around scenic ponds and wooded areas brimming with palm hammocks and pine.

2. Peanut Island Loop

Looking for a short, easy hike with incredible views? The Peanut Island Loop is 1.3 miles long and perfect for families, with easy trails through historic sites and viewpoints of the water and docks. Take a moment to rest under the shade of palms while you enjoy all the beauty around you.

3. Hog Hammock Trail

Hike through dense forests and ferns on this wildlife-friendly trail just 20 miles from the West Palm Beach / Lion Country Safari KOA Journey. This Hog Hammock loop is 1.9 to 2.2 miles round trip, but the journey itself is well worth it — you'll be able to bird-watch from a distance as you journey through this dense, lush landscape. 

4. Frenchman’s Forest Natural Area

Frenchman's Forest Natural Area is one of the most underrated hikes in Florida. With an easy-to-moderate difficulty, this natural area is perfect for a day trip and boasts 2.9 miles of trails and four loops. The trail winds through a beautiful cypress forest and features boardwalks so you can experience the mangrove waterways without getting your shoes wet. You'll see plenty of wildlife along the way, including gopher tortoises and river otters.

5. Palm Beach Lake Trail

The Palm Beach Lake Trail is an 11-mile hiking trail to the west of West Palm Beach, flaunting beautiful views of sunlight glimmering across Lake Worth Lagoon. This relatively easy paved trail is an excellent choice for all ages. You'll walk by restaurants and shops as you admire the scenery, so you can stop to grab a bite or shop along the way.

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