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Tips for Sightseeing for your KOA Adventure


1. Google the area of the KOA you are staying at.2. Check at the KOA Office for brochures about local attractions.3. Be watchful for billboards and advertisements for local adventures that are not otherwise advertised.4. Ask the locals and other campers about area attractions.5. Just drive and see...

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Tips for Traveling with Small Children


1. Plan on shorter travel days.2.  Plan potty breaks where the children can run around and get their energy out.3.  Designate individual personal space for each child.4.  Make sure you have something to block outside noise that might distract sleep.5.  Bring plenty of indoor entertainment.

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Foil Grill Cooking


1. Start your grill!2. Get a large piece of aluminum foil and line it with parchment paper.3. Select your veggies, meat and you're seasoning.4. Place two large pats of butter on top of the mound of the selected food. You can also add an ice cube to help steam your food.5. Flip your packet over...

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Tips For Cold Weather RV Camping


1. Make sure you have a good heater2. Insulate your RV properly including pipes and tanks3. Consider dripping your water faucet.4. Keep cold air from coming in windows and under the door5.Check the campground schedule to see if they are open all seasons!6. Drive carefully7. Head South!!

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Tips For Traveling With Pets In Your RV


1. Designate a place where your pet will travel with you.2. Decide where your pet will sleep and make sure they are familiar with the area.3. Bring plenty of food, toys and water.4. Provide exercise and mental stimulation.5. Have a plan in case of an emergency situation.6. Take lots of pictures of...

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RV Family Game Night Ideas


1. Cornhole Toss

2. Horseshoes

3. Uno

4.Toss The "Burrito."

5. Skipbo

6. Put your thinking cap on with Scattergories

7. Out Smart Your Camping Group with Trivia Pursuit