What it's like to be a Work Kamper

What it's like to be a Work Kamper

Morning songbirds slowly wake you from a peaceful night of slumber.  You spring out of bed and open the door to a new day.  You raise a fresh mug of coffee saluting neighbors also enjoying the tranquility of morning.  The scent of a hearty campfire breakfast fills your nose from around the corner.  The cool breeze and warm sun meet to awaken a smile across your face.  You're alive and everything is possible. You are also on your way to work.  This morning commute involves a casual stroll from your RV to the campground general store.  Within minutes you have arrived to see how the exciting work day unfolds.  

Work kamping is a unique opportunity that lets you earn an income while traveling our beautiful country.  As a work kamper, you live, work, and play in the Great Outdoors.  Since most job commitments are short term or seasonal you have the chance to spend quality time in various locations.  You have the sweet chance to submerge all your senses in one area to truly digest each destination as home. Along the way, you meet forever friends and make lifelong memories with amazing experiences.  

Being a work kamper allows you to seek adventure, spread joy and be joy!

Visit here for more information on how to become a KOA work kamper.  

By UnknownSweetHome

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