Reusable Water Bottles

Reusable Water Bottles

Sip your beverage in style knowing you are making a difference to help protect our planet. Reusable bottles replace having to purchase single use plastic bottles to conserve resources. Leave those heavy cases of bottles behind! By reusing bottles, you also avoid harsh chemical contaminants while saving your wallet. Stay healthy by making sure you are hydrated throughout the day. 

If RV'ing and running water into your rig, we recommend attaching a water filter to your supply hose. Here are additional methods for better tasting water. Faucet attachments are usually installed under your sink to filter water. If you are working with limited under the sink space as many RV’ers do - Pur offers a faucet filter option where the system is installed right on the faucet. The filter is then changed on the faucet, all above the counter! You can find more info on that device here.

There’s also countertop or pitcher filtration options great for RVer’s, tenters or any other lodging types. Brita makes pitchers and larger dispensers. LifeStraw offers water filtering and purifying options for all occasions. No mater which way you chose to filter water, reusable bottles are a game changer.

You can select one suitable for each family member and activity. Reusable bottles come in many shapes, sizes, and materials. Stainless steel, glass, or BPA-free plastic are majority of what you will find. There’s even self-filtering, collapsible, insulated and self-cleaning bottles to chose from. Insulated bottles are designed to retain cold or hot temperatures for extended periods of time. Who doesn’t love refreshingly cold water on a sweltering summer day or a warm hot cocoa after hours of skiing? 

Our camp store has a variety of stylish reusable bottles for you and the entire fam! Stop by today and check us out. 

Help save your wallet + the planet by drinking out of reusable bottles! 

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