An Art Lover's Guide to Owen Sound

An Art Lover's Guide to Owen Sound

Owen Sound is a must-visit destination for art lovers. The region features many local artists and galleries representing historical and contemporary regional art. If you want to explore art in Owen Sound, here is a guide to a few top destinations within the city. 

Tom Thomson Art Gallery

Tom Thomson was an influential Canadian artist who lived between 1877 and 1917. He was also an early member of the Group of Seven, an assembly of influential Canadian landscape painters in the early 1900s. He grew up in Owen Sound and used art to represent the landscapes around him. 

The Tom Thomson Art Gallery is an art museum in Owen Sound that honors his work. The museum features a room dedicated to Thomson with his sketchbook drawings, photographs and oil paintings. A few pieces in the collection include “Red Sumac,” “Melting Ice,” and “The Bridge.” His works were primarily donated by family members. The rest of the museum features almost 3,000 contemporary and historical pieces from other artists. These displays change to represent new artists or themes. 

Grey Gallery

This Owen Sound art gallery features rotating exhibits formed from the work of emerging and established artists. The owners are John Laughlin and Anne Dondertman. They live in and operate the art gallery in the building. John is an artist and creates works for display in the gallery. John and Anne also collaborate to meet new artists and choose art to display. When selecting pieces, they primarily pick those that offer a glimpse at the human condition.

Their chosen pieces make up rotating gallery exhibits that change almost every month with works from local artists like Raquel Yang, Tony Miller and Lydia Knox. The artwork spans many mediums, including sculptures, paintings, drawings and pottery. Most pieces on display are available for sale.

The gallery also includes a garden that hosts outdoor events like concerts. Visitors to this outdoor space can see sculptures and a large mural by Raquel Yang.

2nd Avenue Gallery

This studio is owned by an Owen Sound artist named Hillie Baker. She began painting at a young age but stepped away from art for a time. When she returned to artwork, she began making fiber art, like yarn and fabrics. She owned a sheep farm in Niagara and sold wool products for many years. Then, she returned to oil painting after an injury. 

Her current gallery primarily includes oil on canvas paintings and some fiber work. Her early paintings include abstracts with a similar texture to her fiber work. Newer pieces are calmer and more reflective, with figures present. This gallery also has an art studio hosting classes on-site, like painting for teens and portrait classes to help those in the community learn more about art. 

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Owen Sound is a beautiful getaway for art lovers. Visitors can enjoy scenic landscapes and a quiet, peaceful atmosphere surrounded by nature. Within the city, art galleries offer countless incredible sites for visitors to explore. If you are planning a visit to Owen Sound, book a stay online at Owen Sound KOA Journey for a getaway in nature with convenient access to local art.

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