General Campground Information

Check-in and Check-out Times

Check-in is 1pm MDT 
Check-out is 11am MDT (LATE check out must be pre-approved by the office)

Mountain Time Zone

We are located in the Mountain Time Zone. If you are traveling from the EAST you will change times prior to your arrival so please plan accordingly. No early check-in's are allowed.
Not all phones will change. AT&T is known to NOT change.

Visitor Policy

Visitors are allowed as a courtesy.They must visit the office upon arrival and obtain a car tag at the office and park in the overflow parking area. They are not to use our bathroom/shower facilities. All visitors are asked to be out of the Campground by 10pm when Quiet Hours begin.


We allow 1 vehicle per space. If you have more than 1 vehicle, you will be charged an additional vehicle charge and it will need to be parked in the overflow area. Upon arrival, we will direct you to the overflow parking area. Please let us know prior to your arrival so that we can make sure we have space for your extra personal vehicles. Unfortunately, we do not have extra room to park U-Hauls, trailers, boats or any non-personal vehicle.


Please ues the provided trash cans located on your site map for any trash and debris. Please dispose of cigarette butts in the dumpsters, not in fire rings or on the ground. Please do not use fire rings for ANY type of trash. Our staff thanks you for helping us keep this place a clean and enjoyable place for you to stay. We can't thank you enough for your help!


Smoking is allowed at your campsite. There is no smoking allowed in the office/store, restrooms, or in the laundry room. Please dispose of your cigarette, cigars, etc. in one of our ashtrays or trash cans. PLEASE do NOT put them in the fire rings.THANK YOU!


We do not allow the use of generators in our park.

Fire Pits

We do not have a fire pit at every site, but if you would like to have a fire, we can provide a portable fire pit to your site for no cost to you. Just request when you make your reservation or inquire at the office to see if one is available.


Please do not leave campfires unattended. Please extinguish/douse your fire before retiring for the evening and leaving your site for the day or before you check out of the Campground. We will allow campfires at our park unless we are under a County or State-wide Burn Ban. Occasionally, if it is extremely windy/gusty in our area, we will ask our campers not to light a campfire and will refrain from selling wood in our Camp Store. PLEASE DO NOT PUT CIGARETTE BUTTS OR GARBAGE OF ANY KIND IN THE FIRE PITS - WOOD ONLY.

Speed Limit

Please observe the 5 MPH speed limit throughout the Campground at all times. This will be enforced strictly for the safety of all of our guests. If you do not observe this speed limit, you will be asked to leave with no refund. 5 MPH is VERY slow and feels like you are crawling BUT this is for the safety of ALL of our guests.

Minor Children

The playground is for daytime use only. Parents and/or guardians are responsible for all actions of their children. Parents please closely monitor your children at all times. We require that ALL minor children be monitored by an adult 18 years of age or older at all times!


We love our pets and we welcome them on our property.
  • PLEASE keep them on a leash at all times when they are outside your tents and RVs and DO NOT LEAVE THEM UNATTENDED.
  • Dogs who bark constantly will not be allowed.
  • PLEASE use the provided trash bags in the Kamp K9 to pickup after your pet anywhere on property.
  • Pets are NOT to be left unattended in our Kamp K9
  • Pets are not allowed in the office, restrooms, laundry room, or on playground due to health codes (except service animals).
  • Our staff and guests greatly appreciate you picking up after your pet and properly disposing of any messes that they make.

Quiet Hours

  • Quiet Hours are from 10pm to 7am.
  • We will patrol through the park to make sure that these times are observed. 
  • Any guest who does not abide by quiet hours will be asked to leave the campground without a refund.

Season Closing

  • September 30th is the last night we are open for the season.
  • If weather permits, we may have some availability after that, with limited services. Please call for availability 308-284-2415 (leave a message as the office is closed after September 30th)

Meet Your Hosts

Tristan and Brylie

Camping - Because Therapy is Expensive

We are a family owned and operated park. Your hosts are Tristan and Brylie. Harley is our youngest Work Kamper at just 1 year old! She is the next generation of hosts, and we believe in training her young, so you will see her crawling around, interacting, and investigating everything. We even, at times, let the old folks in, "aka" Dad and Mom. They love to work and interact with our amazing guests and you might even have to kick Dad away from the campfire if he gets too cozy. When choosing to stay with us, you will not find friendlier staff, cleaner facilities or a quieter place to be. Our property is surrounded by a farming community and you will experience the quiet and peace that it brings. If you're looking for a place to let the cares and the stress of the day go, then come and stay with us. We will make your stay the BEST that it can be. We want you to come back again and again to experience the "Good Life" that Nebraska and Tri-Trails KOA have to offer.