General Campground Information

Alcohol Consumption

State Law requires alcoholic beverages be consumed within the confines of your campsite.

Cable Television

If you are a long-term camper staying in a site with a cable TV hook up, for a small fee you can utilize our park cable service. You will need to obtain a Spectrum digital adapter from the front desk. This adapter will need to be connected between your internal cable connection and TV. A deposit is required that will be refunded when you return the adapter. To access a real time TV listing via internet for the channels provided follow these instructions: Go to this web address:  TVTV.US   Enter zip code 36117 at the top of the screen   Montgomery AL Scroll down and select Spectrum – Montgomery AL Digital Cable

Campfire Rules

Small campfires are allowed if they are in a contained ring or area on your site. Do not leave a campfire burning unattended and it must be completely extinguished before turning in for the night or departing the park. Please do not cut, carve or deface trees in any way. Please do not climb onto trees or trample any shrubbery.

Check-in and Check-out Times

Check-in: 1 pm CST
Check-out: 11 am CST

Garbage Rules

All garbage (non-household trash) to be placed inside the green park dumpster located off the first right turn entering the property. Please be sure to close the sliding access door to control flying pests. Burning garbage is not permitted. Please dispose of cigarette butts properly. Alabama State law prohibits the draining of any type of toxic liquid into the ground.

Daily household trash can be placed into the green dumpster located off the roadway to the right just beyond the store/office. Optionally, tenants may leave their trash secured in sealed trash bags at their RV site which will then be picked up.

Good Neighbor Policy

Respect the privacy of fellow guest – please do not walk-through occupied sites or expand any personal items of yours including vehicles into unoccupied campsites. With frequent late check-in's they may become occupied by someone arriving in the park late.

Management reserves the right to discharge any person(s), without refund, for failure to abide by the rules or for objectionable behavior.


Vehicles must be parked at your site and on the gravel pad. Additional vehicles, boats and utility trailers can be stored on the property with management approval. Please do not park on the grassy yard area adjacent to your RV Site without park management approval. Please DO NOT drive/park on the grassy yard area during wet weather.

Pet Rules

Pets are welcome but they must be always on a leash when outside.  Never leave a pet unattended outside. Pet waste must be picked up and disposed of. Owner assumes responsibility for pet's actions.  No aggressive breeds. Pets must have a current rabies vaccination with updated collar tag.

Prohibited Items

The use of motorbikes, firearms, bb guns, airsoft, paintball, or fireworks are prohibited. Drones must be registered and are permitted with a restricted flying area (in the pasture - not near other tenants) and in the early evening hours before dark.  No drones allowed after dark.  ATV's must be registered and should be driven off road.

Quiet Hours

Sun - Thurs: 9 pm - 7 am
Fri/Sat: 11 pm - 7 am

Speed Limit

The posted speed limit is 5MPH. Every tenant must make every effort drive slowly while in the park. At no time should anyone drive in excess of 10MPH. If any tenant has to be warned about speeding a second time, they are subject to immediate eviction without refund.

Storage & Outside Furniture

No storage containers of any kind are allowed outside of your RV/vehicle. A limited amount of leisure household lawn furniture is allowed on-site based on management discretion. Please do not relocate picnic tables or fire pits from any site.

Unattended Vehicles

When leaving an RV at the park unattended for periods longer than a day please remember to turn off the water connection to the unit and turn AC units off/down and heating units preset to 65 degrees; this will help avoid bad surprises once you return to your RV from potential water damage, fire from running unattended appliances, or AC line condensation line damage.

Weekly Lawn Care (Summer Season)

During the summer months our maintenance staff trims the lawn area around each RV every Thursday from 2:30pm-6:00pm. Each tenant must remove all outside furniture, grills, fire pits and roll up any mats. Note: the use of mats for an extended period will kill all grass underneath, thus it is imperative that your mats be rolled up/removed from the grassy area every second day.


Access the park Wi-Fi by selecting access points labeled ParkWIFI - no password is required