4 Tips for Planning a Romantic Camping Getaway

4 Tips for Planning a Romantic Camping Getaway

You and your loved one deserve to leave the hustle and bustle of your city behind for a while and enjoy a fun, relaxing and romantic getaway together. Couples camping near the Great Smoky Mountains is an excellent way to embrace love and the serenity of nature while you are away from the busyness of your everyday routine.

When planning a trip for you and your special someone, consider couples camping in Gatlinburg. Keep these tips in mind to make a romantic camping adventure with your significant other unforgettable. 

1. Choose a Location With the Right Vibe

Romance is what you make of it. When you want a romantic camping getaway with your loved one, ensure you pick a location that offers the atmosphere you are looking for, whether it is the mountains, a forest or the beach.

The landscape you choose can add to the sentimental ambiance you want to experience. Use the time together on your romantic getaway to reconnect and remind each other of your love. If your significant other is a fan of the mountains, Gatlinburg makes an excellent romantic escape. The beautiful Great Smoky Mountains will surround you as you both take in the peacefulness of nature.

2. Consider Glamping

While traditional camping is a great way to make new memories, you can enhance your camping getaway by including some glamping aspects. Whether you stay at a campground that offers specific lodging for glamping or make efforts to turn your lodging into a glamping experience, ensure you are glamping in ways that fit your budget.

At Gatlinburg East / Smoky Mountain KOA Holiday, we have Deluxe Cabins that are the perfect abodes if you are looking for a romantic getaway with the luxuries of home. You can also bring your RV to camp at one of our RV Sites. Regardless of how you stay, your glamping options are endless because all guests at our KOA Campground can access the various amenities around the premises. The amenities provide a great way for you and your loved one to unwind and enjoy each other's company.

3. Pack Decorations and Special Foods, Drinks and Gifts

Upgrade your lodging to make your stay as romantic as possible. Special decorations create a charming ambiance and atmosphere for you and your significant other. Candles, string lights and flowers are a few items that are easy to pack.

You can also bring some of your favorite snacks and foods. Looking to make it fancy? An easy way to elevate a snack or meal is by having a charcuterie board, along with wine or your drink of choice.

4. Plan Special Activities

While on your couples retreat in Gatlinburg, plan various activities you and your loved one will like. Doing things together is a perfect way to spend quality time. Gatlinburg offers many fun and romantic activities. Take a look at these ideas. 

Watch the Sunrise and Sunset

If your loved one likes to wake up early or stay up late, watching the sunrise or sunset is a beautiful way to start or end the day. The rich, warm colors provide an incredibly romantic atmosphere.

Savor a Romantic Dinner Out

Let the professionals handle the cooking for a night or two. Gatlinburg offers plenty of dining experiences you can book that you and your partner will love. A few popular restaurant options include:

Spend Time Exploring

While relaxing during your romantic getaway, you can also take advantage of the local activities and scenery. At Gatlinburg East / Smoky Mountain KOA Holiday, you can experience couples camping near the Great Smoky National Park. If you are an outdoorsy couple, hiking in the beautiful park is a must. You could also spend a day at Gatlinburg SkyPark to ride the SkyLift or walk the SkyTrail for stunning city views.

Consider wine, whiskey or moonshine tastings if you want a slower, more relaxed activity. Plenty of vineyards, cellars and breweries around Gatlinburg offer tastings. Whatever you decide to do, you and your significant other will have fun being together.

Have Your Romantic Getaway at Gatlinburg East / Smoky Mountain KOA Holiday

Create the perfect romantic camping trip for you and your partner on a couples retreat in Gatlinburg. Gatlinburg East / Smoky Mountain KOA Holiday is the place to stay to ensure you have the peacefulness of nature and comfortable amenities while camping. You can also add your romantic touch and make unforgettable memories during your trip. Get started by reserving your campsite today!

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