Stay Golden

Stay Golden

When life has your head spinning, and you cannot see past the other side... pause... breathe... and see... Take a moment to just be.

Amongst the chaos and noise of this world we must find peace for our soul.

My husband and I chose full-time RV life because our monotonous 9 to 5 life in the sticks and bricks of the city was beating us down.

For us, we found no joy in keeping up with the Jones’s. We had forgotten how to slow down and appreciate life.

We needed to stop the bleeding. We needed a change to heal our fractured souls.

Amongst our travels we found the perfect camping spot. Located just a short distance off the highway, Galesburg East/Knoxville KOA Journey is a beacon of light in this murky world. This beautiful campground is situated far enough away from the everyday mundane in a peaceful and relaxing community. 

We found the serenity we had so desperately been searching for at Galesburg East/Knoxville KOA Journey.

Mornings at Galesburg East/Knoxville KOA Journey are absolutely glorious. Songbirds usher in the soft morning light with every magnificent sunrise. 

Miles and miles of crisp, clean air, sunny skies, and tranquility surround our campsite.

We have found the most astonishing sunsets at this campground. With every soothing sunset we have had the most blissful evenings of gentle rest.

On a cool, crisp spring evening, just before the world tucked itself in... we stopped and took in natures majestic show. Stillness at dusk overtook our emotions. The sheer perfection was beyond what our souls needed.

We have found a quiet and safe respite at Galesburg East/Knoxville KOA Journey.

With every morning, bird songs greet us. With every evening, the golden sun perched just over the horizon settles our anxious minds. Our souls rejuvenate for the days ahead with each sunset and sunrise at this wonderful campground.

We have found a little piece of heaven at Galesburg East/Knoxville KOA Journey. This beautiful campground will forever be a part of our souls.

Stay golden!

S. Fischer

Written by our guest, S. Fischer, who lives the full-time RV life and travels across the United States with her husband.

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