Great Outdoors

Great Outdoors

Celebrate National Great Outdoors Month with Galesburg East/Knoxville KOA Journey! This is a great time to go camping and enjoy our great outdoors. It is the ideal opportunity to partake in a fun and unique adventure.

Illinois is blessed with an abundance of natural outdoor spaces to explore for recreation and rejuvenation. This is the perfect opportunity to celebrate our natural areas and historical venues. 

The outdoors inspire a creative spirit and an educational environment. Engage with all that nature has to offer from walking the trails, biking, swimming, fishing, or reading a book by the campfire.

Being outdoors is fun! It’s important for the mind, body, and soul.

Here are some of the benefits of taking time outdoors:

1.Exposure to the suns help increase vitamin D levels which may help with conditions like depression, osteoporosis, heart attacks, stroke, and even cancer.

2.Boost your immune system! Disease fighting cells called NK (Natural Killer cells) can increase as much as 50% after spending time outdoors.

3.Stress reduction and mood improvement comes from exposure to light outdoors. You may also get a boost in self-esteem and improve concentration.

4.Outdoor activities are good for the mind and body in your journey to wellness. Exposure to natural light outdoors can help mitigate pain and promote natural healing.

5.Skip the coffee! Being outdoors increases activity and energy levels as much as one cup of coffee that produces an energy jolt. Children are twice as likely to become more active if playing outdoors. Adults may become more active outdoors too!

6.People who spend time outdoors often have more social interaction. Lasting friendships are created when people get together for outdoor activities.

7.Increase your mood. Spending time outdoors can help with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD.) Spending time outside can lessen anxiety, exhaustion, and sadness.

8.It feels natural and easier to get exercise outdoors.

9.Free aromatherapy! Research shows that natural scents from flowers, trees, and grass can help you feel calmer and more relaxed naturally.

10.Enhance creativity. Ditch your laptop and cellphone. Revive your creative spirit by spending time outdoors.

Here at Galesburg East/Knoxville KOA Journey, there are many opportunities for an outdoor adventure. We have over 28-acres of beautifully landscape grounds and nature. Explore our mile long walking trail where you can pick black mulberry or view a glimpse of deer. Check out our well-stocked catch-and-release fishing pond. The kids love feeding the fish! Get some sunrays at our heated inground pool. Play miniature golf or frisbee golf with the family. Ride a bike or take your fur-baby for a walk. The kids will have a blast on the new jump pad, tire mountain to climb on, and cool new playground equipment. Relax by the campfire and make some s'mores! Meet new people from all walks of life that have a love of the great outdoors.

Now is the time to go camping and seek adventure in the great outdoors!

Written by Berteena Gaines

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