Covid Update, March 2022

While it seems as though we are mostly out of the woods with Covid, there are many people with compromised immune systems who still may need special consideration.

With that in mind, here's a quick list of things you should know:

1. While the General Store was re-opened in 2021, a low-touch/no-touch check-in process is still in place if you require it. Call the office upon your arrival, and you will be able to stay in your RV or car and wait for KOA Staff to collect your information and escort you to your site.

2. Restrooms and showers are open, however we're asking those guests in self-contained campers and coaches and those in deluxe cabins to use their own bathrooms whenever possible. It cuts down on KOA staff exposure to cooties. 

3. Day visitors are allowed, and each person visiting must check in at the office.

4. The pool is open, and social distancing is still encouraged. 

5. The pavilion, game room, and playground are open. We ask that masks are worn in the game room as a courtesy to others if you have not been vaccinated. 

6. The dog park remains open. Social distancing applies within the fenced area.

7. A mask is not required to enter the General Store, although if you haven't been vaccinated it would be appreciated.

8. Social distancing of 6' is still suggested in the General Store. 

9. Sanitation of high touch areas in the General Store and Laundry is done multiple times daily and on an as-needed basis 

10. We will be conducting organized activities such as outdoor games, crafts, and Bingo for Care Camps on holiday weekends only.

11. Deluxe Cabins: 

 - We will again provide dinnerware, coffee cups, glasses and flatware in 2022. We strongly recommend that guests wash these items both before and after use.  We have purchased UV sanitizers, and use anti-bacterial sprays and cleansers to provide the greatest sanitary protection between guest check-ins. You may still want to bring your own plates, glasses, cooking utensils, containers, and steak knives, etc. 

- Guests will be asked to pack and tie off their provided trash bags, and all bed and bath linens (used or not) into laundry bags provided at check-in

- Checking out of your deluxe cabin? You must contact the front desk before leaving the property. KOA staff will ensure all personal items have been removed and used linens packed

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