Tips for Camping Season Prep

Tips for Camping Season Prep

Spring is here! That means it's time to start getting ready for camping season. The more you prep now, the less hassle you'll have when you get ready for your first trip of the season. 

Here are some tips for camping season prep to make sure you've got everything you need for fun in the great outdoors. 

Plan your Trips

If you haven't already, sit down and map out when and where you want to camp this season. If you're not sure where to stay, check out some of our sister campgrounds. 

Give your Gear a Once Over

Pull out your camping gear and check everything over. Make sure that all of your equipment is still working and that all of the pieces are still there. Make a list of things that are missing or needed and stock up before you head out for your first trip. Early spring is a great time to seal leaky tent seams, replace flashlight batteries and check the condition of the pump out hoses for your RV. Taking an inventory now will save you from realizing you're missing a stake halfway through assembling the tent or noticing you're out of fuel for the camp stove right as you're ready to make dinner. 

Clean your Gear

Nobody wants to sleep in a dusty tent or a musty RV. Your gear has been sitting all winter so give everything a good cleaning. Get the dust bunnies out of your hiking pack, wash the RV and season the cast iron so you can hit the road when the time comes. 

RVers: De-winterize

Whether you winterized your RV with anti-freeze or just drained the water system, get everything up and running for the season. If you moved items like kitchen utensils into storage load them back into the RV and stock up on essentials like toiletries, paper products and cleaning supplies so that all you have to do is pack a bag for your first trip. 

Make a Checklist

Sit down and create a checklist of everything you know you'll need to take when you go camping. Then when you're preparing for your trip you can print off the checklist and mark items off as you pack. You won't have to rack your brain and try and remember everything on your own. Want to make it even easier? Print out our checklist!

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