General Campground Information

Dog Sitting/Walker

Need a Dog sitter or walker while you go to Monticello or a vineyard? Give Susan at Wag More Pet Care Services a call: 434-960-7802

Common Courtesy

When camping, remember that you are in an open, outdoor environment. Please be respectful of your neighbors and keep conversation, radio, television, and musical instrument volume to a minimum (no outdoor TV or music from 10pm - 9am). Generators, chainsaws, and fireworks are not permitted. Please walk on campground roads and do not cut through occupied campsites. Do not leave pets unattended or let dogs bark incessantly.

Check-In / Check-Out

RVs and Tents: Check-in time is anytime after 1:00 pm. Check-out time is anytime before 12:00 pm.

Cabins: Check-in time is anytime after 3:00 pm. Check-out time is anytime before 11:00 am.

Wi-Fi Password


No Golf Carts

We do not allow golf carts. We are a very small campground so not having a golf cart shouldn't be much of an issue.

Visitor Policy

If you are staying here and are expecting guests or visitors during your stay, you are responsible for them and they must be registered at the office and display a guest car tag. Please advise guests and visitors there is a modest visitor fee. Kindly understand that registering visitors with the office and paying the fee are necessary to help us cover the costs of additional people using our facilities, provide security for our camping families, know who is on the property in case of emergency, manage parking for the extra vehicles, and abide by local occupancy laws (no more than 6 people per RV or Tent site, 4 people at a one-room cabin, 6 people at the two-room cabin or deluxe cabin - this includes overnight guests and visitors). All visitors must abide by our campground rules and leave the campground prior to Quiet Hours.

Late Arrivals

If you have a reservation and you arrive when the office is closed we put a map on the front door of the main office/store with your last name and site number and direction on how to get to your site. You can check in the next morning.


Please put all trash in our central dumpster in front of the office. We do not do trash pickup. We have many crows, squirrels, raccoons, possums and skunks that like to devour trash bags.


For our RV sites we have a one camping unit and one vehicle limit. Please, do not park on the grass or in another site. Extra vehicles must register at the office and park in the pool parking lot.


Tents are allowed on tent sites only. We do not allow tents on RV or Cabin sites. Gazebo or picnic table shelters are ok on RV or cabin sites.

Our Campground

The Charlottesville KOA was founded in 1966. At that time, it was called the Cambrae Lodge KOA. We are the second oldest KOA east of the Mississippi (Pigeon Forge KOA in Tennessee is the oldest KOA east of the Mississippi). Highway 64 was not constructed until after our campground was founded. We are 9 miles from the highway. Back in 1966 people camped in tents, vans, station wagons, pop ups, and small travel trailers. There used to be over 120 sites at our campground. Over the years, RVs have become bigger and better. As a result, our campground has changed as sites have shifted and combined to accommodate the larger rigs. Due to these changes, the layout of our campground is unique and far from uniform. We now have less than 65 total sites - RV, tent, and cabins.